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Yes! I mean it all depends on the circumstances and whether its causing pent up emotions. Thats not healthy! On the other hand if you fear coming out for a family member think hard beforehand. Just realize sometimes no matter who is involved you need to do something for yourself!

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You and a guy are dared to go into a closet alone for 30 seconds What do you do?

Sounds like you should come out of the closet.

How should a 12 year old come out of the closet?

with a Playboy mag

What types of conflict are in Harrison Bergeron?

He is conflicts where he is gay and doesnt know if he should come out of the closet to his parents

What do you do when you come out of the closet?

''Coming out of the closet'' generally refers to someone who acknowledges and discloses that he or she is gay.

When to come out of the closet?

When you are comfortable with it & not until then.

What should you do if you are locked in a closet?

look for a strong item to break the closet

What is a closet queen?

A closet queen is usually a gay male who has not "come out" to his friends/family about his sexuality.

Has Xavier Serbia come out of the closet?


Did Amy Grant come out of the closet?

no she stayed in there

Is there a second Trapped In The Closet by RKelly?

There are 22 chapters of Trapped in the closet by R. kelly, and more to come.

Should you put a bed in a closet?


Is it bad if you don't 'come out of the 'closet?

You should come out to friends and family when you are completely ready. You should not feel pressured into doing so but if being closeted is hurting you and your personal relationships, then you should think about coming out even if it may be painful. Many people wait until they are out of their parent's house to do so if they feel that their parents will not be supportive. It can be much easier to come out as gay when you are surrounded by more understanding people-such as in college.

When did Sydney White come out?

She came out of the closet already?!

What major sports celebrities have come out of the closet?

you tell me?

What year did George Michael come out of the closet?

On 1998.

Should furnace closet be insulated with drywall?

Yes, it should

How do you use ''skeleton in the closet'' in a sentence?

She was worried that the skeleton in the closet would someday come out. A skeleton in the closet is something that you do not want to become known. It is not always easy to keep a skeleton in the closet from becoming known.

Should you keep a puppy in a closet?

Absolutely not.

Is Micheal DiBenedetto gay?

yes...he has come out of the closet today

How do you convince your parents to let you watch glee?

come out of the closet

What is closet gay?

It is a term for someone who has not come out and admitted they are gay.

How does it make someone gay in the closet?

A closet has nothing to do with a person's sexual orientation. It is a figure of speech when a person that has not been public about being gay makes it known- they "come out of the closet" and into public notice.

Who are some famous gay people still in the closet?

This question is an oxymoron in a way that you cannot know someone is gay if they are in the closet. The only way to conclusively know a person's sexual orientation is if they come out of the closet and tell you.

Should you put tile on the floor of your coat closet?

If the floor finish in the room that the closet opens from is tile, and the base of the closet is at floor level, having the same floor finish in the closet is attractive and makes it easy to clean.

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