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Should you cool a cast iron before cleaning?

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Yes. If you were to clean to iron before cooling it, you could risk burning your hands.

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How long should you cool chicken before freezing it?

You should cool food down at least to room temp before freezing.The faster you cool cooked food the less likely bacteria will have to form on it. Putting it in an ice bath is the correct way to cool food before refrigerating or freezing it.

Of any cool house cleaning games?

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Should you cool stuffing before putting it into the turkey?

never it will cool inide and keep the chicken moist

What temp should white wine be kept at?

It should be stored slightly cool, and chilled before serving.

Should cabernet be refrigerated before serving?

No. Serve it at cool room temperature.

How long should car cool before checking oil?

2 minutes

Should you walk before or after exercise for the best results?

You should walk or stretch before and after exercise, as a warm-up and a cool-down, for the best results.

Should cooked food be covered straight away or left to cool first?

Food should be left to cool to room temperature before being covered and placed in the refrigerator.

Should you add jelly to thumb print cookies before or after baking?

After they are baked and cool.

How long should pumpkin pie cool before refridgeration?

2 hours, and then refrigerate.

When preparing potato salad should you cool your potatoes before making it?

Yes a little

How long should freshly baked nut bread cool before wrapping?

You should let it cool completely to room temperature before wrapping. Otherwise, moisture will form between the wrapping and the bread which will make it soggy or sticky to the touch.

Can the flue be closed before the ashes are cool?

As long as there is combustion, the flue should be left open.

Why that you should cool first the inculating loop or needle before using?

as it may kill the microorganisms.

How long can you wait before icing cupcakes?

You should wait until the cupcakes are completely cool before icing them, and you can do it about one day in advance.

How long should you let muffins cool down after baking before eating them?

10 minutes or so.

How long should a joint of meat be left to cool before refrigerating?

No more than 2 hours.

Should your 96 intrepid be runnung when adding antifreeze?

No , the engine should be cool before adding any fluids to the engine cooling system

Should you cool meat before you put meat in the fridge?

I've never bothered, no harm done yet

Why should you let the inoculating loop cool first before and after using it?

The inoculating tube is cooled before use so that the organism is not killed by extensive heat.

How long should pies cool prior to being boxed at mcdonalds?

Pies should be cooled for 10 minutes before being boxed for McDonald's. This allows the pie to cool off enough that a customer cannot be burnt when biting into it.

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How can you stop your cast from smelling?

=put your hair dryer on a cool setting and run it up and down the outside of your cast. the vibrations cool down the inside of the cast.=

Why do space marines cool?

space marines cool because they hot before now they cool.

How long do you cool a double cake before flipping?

take it out of the oven and leave on a raised surface. leave for as long as it takes to cool down. Ten to 15 minutes should be plenty.