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I have a couple types of iris plants and I either cut them back as they start to die in the fall or just wait and mow them over when they all have turned brown. In the spring they come back. Iris' are very strong and hard to kill. Good luck! I have read that you should let the leaves die down since all the nutrients will go back into the bulb for the winter. I usually wait until after a few good hard frosts here(Mn) and then the leaves can be easily (gently) pulled off. As with my other bulb plants, I have noticed that if I let them die down on their own, the leaves will turn brown and make their way to the bulb or tuber. This can and will introduce a fungus into the parent bulb and can make it decay. I have lost amaryllis, gladiolus and iris' this way. I trim my leaves and the flower stem back to a minimum after the last bloom falls if I am going to transfer them around the yard. If they are to stay in place and winter over, I keep the tips trimmed as they turn brown and remove this material from my beds as to not spread any disease. Yes they are hearty plants but I lost my only Purple bearded dragon to this bulb eating fungus.

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Q: Should you cut down your Winter Iris leaves or should you let the leaves die back as you do with daffodils?
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Daffodils should bloom first.

When should daffodils be planted?

In the Spring time.

Do daffodils have leaves?

Yes, they have leaves. They use these leaves to manufacture food that bulb below the soil can store for the production of next year's plants. That's why it's important not to remove the leaves after the flower dies. The leaves should be removed only after they have yellowed and withered.

Should you cut down tulip leaves before winter?

If the tulip flowered in the spring the leaves should have died down naturally therefore leave them alone as they are next springs shoots.

How many days does it take to bloom daffodils?

It should take approximately 2 years for the daffodils to begin sprouting petals, and about 9 years for the daffodils to sprout fully. In order to grow, the daffodils should be maintained with low level nitrogen plant food and watered in partly shaded conditions.

Can you eat a daffodil?

Daffodils should not be eaten. They have a toxin in the bulb.

When is it too late to plant daffodil bulbs?

Daffodils need the chill of winter soil to bloom in the spring. They are planted in the fall anytime before the soil freezes. They should, however, be in the soil by mid-December.

Should a cherry tree have leaves every year?

Yes. They will lose them in the winter months, but should regrow in the spring. If not, I'd say the tree is dead!

Can you plant daffodils in May?

You cannot plant daffodils in May. They should be planted in the fall so that they will bloom in the early part of spring.

How long should you leave the leaves on daffodils?

After the daffodil flowers have faded, the plant needs to restore the nutrients that were used, so it can bloom the next year. The leaves must remain as stay green for this to happen. It takes about 4 weeks. When the leaves begin to turn yellow, you can cut the leaves off.

What bulbs should you plant in the fall?

Crocus, Tulips, Daffodils, Hyacynth, Iris

When exactly do trees lose their leaves?

During the winter, mostly Because it's colder,man Anybody should know that

What should you do with peony plants in winter?

In the fall, cut the bushes down to three inches high and compost the leaves. But if the leaves have any sign of fungus, throw the leaves away. If the bush is new, straw mulch lightly for the winter but remove the mulch in early to mid spring.

Plants which shed leaves in Winter how do they survive?

Plants actually shed their leaves so they CAN survive! Plants wich have no leaves get more nutrients to the roots, making them live longer. This is why you should prune your plants in the fall.

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How should you prune chrysanthemums for the winter?

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How often should you re-pot daffodils?

Generally daffodils are grown in-ground, but if you want to bring their beauty to a room or porch, potting does the trick. Since daffodils reproduce most efficiently by bulb, it is important that the bulb have room and good soil to do its job. For the strongest, best blooms, the bulbs should be repotted each year. However, you can certainly do it every other year if you have a big pot and few daffodils to begin with.

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Should you pull out daffodils once they have died off?

Unless you live in an area that does not turn cold in the winter, it is best not to disturb the bulb and just leave it where it is. Of course, if the clump is old, or the spot has become shady, it would be better to pull the bulbs and transplant them prior to the ground becoming frozen. September is a good month to replant daffodils.

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Information about Daffodils?

Daffodils are attractive, trumpet-shaped flowers that for many people signal the start of spring. They grow from bulbs, not seeds, and should be planted in the fall so that they will bloom early in the spring.

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