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the most wanted in this houshold is Pokemon platnium

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not possible you should really study more Pokemon

I think you sould get Naruto Ultimate storm 2 because it looks awsome and it is amazing game. I was also thinking about that same question but im going to get Naruto Ultimate storm 2!

Pokemon platinum because you can do lots of thing and get a cool giratina and can battle all over world. naruto ultimate ninja 4 don't because it is bore , you cant battle all the world , jjust the player very near you.

Yes it should be coming out fall 2009

Go to Your PC and you should have the option to put seals on, if you have the case

yea im sure you know naruto shippuden ultimate ninja 4 is comming out on march 24 so ultimate ninja 5 is to at least before the year end i promise (by the way in japan they call it acell ) go to and type in naruto ultimate ninja you should see the Contents then go to Ultimate Ninja 4: Naruto Shippuden and jus read the article

Go to Mount Myoboku to the rooms with the elder toads in it. Go to the statue in the corner and pray to it. This should result in unlocking Naruto: Hokage.

It should be as much as Diamond and Pearls, wich were $34.99 $35 dollars at gamestop its a good game

Naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm 2 is coming out in fall for 360 and ps3 so u should get it.

yes, surf on one of the lakes, and there should be a grassy patch on the other side, but i forgot wich lake.

It is already out. u can buy it almost at everystore. you should by it if you want it.

You can't... If your talking about ts sasuke you have to wait until naruto shippuden accel 2 comes out if your talking about sasuke if you have a save data from naruto shippuden ultimate ninja 4 he should already be there.

well if you never saw any gameplay on the walking dead the get it and just wait untill the release naruto ultimate ninja storm 3

Naruto because in general the makers of the Naruto games are much better than the dragon ball z ones

If its the Naruto Shippuden ultimate ninja storm generations one then yes! But if you're a Naruto fan I suppose you should have the official card game. I say official as there has been a lot of takes on the Naruto card game.

you have to have the steal other trainers Pokemon action replay code. then when you have it you should find a trainer ( who is on the way to celestic town ) with a gligar. then all you have to do is evolve gligar and you have a gliscor

You ask him if he is your mommy. he should perform suicied and have spaz. i beat it like that. otherwise get aman to sit on him

You can't get a rotom in Pokemon dimond. You have to get one in Pokemon platnium. In platnium go to the Eterna Forest. You have probably seen the Old Chateau. Go inside. If you go upstairs there should be T.V. in one of the bedrooms, click on it. It will say it appears to be alive. Then you will battle rotom. He will be about level 20. Just use a pokeball and rotom's all yours. Hope this helped you.

It should be released in the United States November 2009. Just a guess but I think that's right, or it comes out sometime in 2010. The Title should be Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja 5.

naruto shippuden ultimate ninja 5 is coming out in November also if you have a wii you should get naruto shippuden clash of ninja revolution 3 its going to have 35 characters and 40 stages and its wifi and its even better this game comes out october 20 or September 1 i advise you to get this awesome game way cool

It is possible to get the Naruto Hokage costume from Mount Myoboku ,first go to Mount Moyoboku ,then enter the old frogs room (Or maybe outside) ,you should find a statue ,investigate it and you will acquire the costume.

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