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Should you get a prepaid cell phone or a postpaid one?


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2010-12-14 07:50:57
2010-12-14 07:50:57

Get a prepaid phone from Tracfone. I have a Tracfone and I even just bought my kids a Tracfone for back to school. Tracfone offers the lowest rates and great coverage. Also Tracfone has really cool phones to chose from. With a preapid plan you never have to worry about buying more minutes than you need.

I would 100% say GO PREPAID!!


It depends on your needs. If you need a high end phone, you should get a postpaid cell phone as you can get a nice phone like an Android phone free on the Internet with a new plan.

If you just want a cheaper plan, you should get prepaid or pay as you go phone service. Again, it largely depends on your calling needs.


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Yes, if you talk 500 minutes or less, a prepaid/postpaid cell phone is very cost effective. You can top your cell phone either by purchasing a top up card, going online to your subscriber, or on your phone by credit card.

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This is up to your cell phone carrier. Several companys do allow you to switch from prepaid plans to regular monthly billed plans. Inquire with your cell phone company.

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Is the LG vx8300 a prepaid cell phone? Is the LG vx8300 a prepaid cell phone?

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There were approximately 71.12 million cell phone subscriptions in Mexico at the 2nd Quarter of 2008. This includes prepaid and postpaid subscriptions by 50 million cell phone users, representing 44.6% of the total population for that country.

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The best cell phone companies for long distance are prepaid and postpaid services. Companies such as TEL3advantage and USmobileconnect let you register you number but still maintain regular services.

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