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A certificate is only 1 year of learning. Go for the Associates, you will get a higher paying job.

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Q: Should you get an associate degree for accounting or go for a certificate to become an account clerk?
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Can you get an accounting clerk job with just a certificate in accounting or should you go for an associate's degree?

It really depends on who is doing the hiring, and what they list as the job requirements. However I will say this; The higher the degree, the more doors that will be open to you. If you have the opportunity, look into your home county community college. You can find a perfect accounting job for you at

The website will require a certificate that can account for variations in a domain name Which type of certificate should you use?

Plus certificate

How to write a letter for bonafide certificate in use for open a bank account?

If a letter should be written asking for bonafide certificate, it is important to know what the account number is. It is also important to get the account owners permission to the get the certificate.

Accounting and its functional objectives?

There are many objectives to accounting. A systematic accounting system will should have the following objectives: to maintain cash account balances, to detect fraud, and maintain ledger account balances.

Is getting a 2 year associate's degree in accounting and a certificate of completion in bookkeeping worth it?

It depends on your overall career goals and objectives. If you plan on a career in this field, you should think about continuing on for the higher degrees. The associates is a good place to start.

Should your accountant suggest you have a business account?

If you have a viable business, then yes, you should have a bunsiness account. It will help you (or your accountant) to keep track of your accounting.

The entry to close the appropriate insurance account at the end of the accounting period is what?

Insurance account is expense account and expense account is closed in income summary account. Insurance account should be credited where as income summary account should be debited

When should the loss an uncollectible account receivable be recorded as an expense for accrual accounting purposes?

In the same period in which the sale on account occurs.

Where should you go to get an associates degree in accounting?

Answer There are number of options available for you if you are interested in an Associate Degree in Accounting. I would suggest you look for more lucrative options now available that combine an accounting degree with business management degrees.

What are the accounting entries for expenses and incomes in double entry systems?

income with non taxable should put in under which account

What do you do to become an Ultrasound Technician?

You should have some professional degree in Ultrasound like Diploma Programs, Certificate Programs, Associate's Degree, Bachelors Degree...etc.

How do you close account if account holder is not present?

If the account holder is incapacitated, then someone should obtain the power for attorney for that person. If the account holder is deceased, then you need a death certificate to prove that. And those are the only two circumstances in which it is necessary to close an account when the account holder is not present.

I have had more than 45 credits in Accounting BA Degree program. now I would like to continue Accounting and what shall I do?

You need to check with various University and their requirements for a B.A. If your credits apply you can apply for a degree from them. This usually requires taking one or two of their course at least. Many online universities can be flexible as well. IF you already have your BA, you may start a business or further specialize in one of the following fields: * Financial accounting Management accounting * Open-book accounting * Tax accounting You should be able to obtain the certificate necessary for these at a university. Again it will requires some course, and a finale exam for you professional certificate.

What is a constitency?

In accounting, the term consistency is defined as once an accounting method is adopted, it should be followed from one accounting period to the next accounting period. Should the accounting method is changed, there should be a full disclosure of the change and a corresponding explanation of its effects.

Strengths of an accountant?

One of the best strengths for an accountant would be to like math and numbers. They also should have some type of special accounting education, such as an associate or bachelor degree.

Why should we hire you as a insurance associate?

Yes I am Insurance associate

Do I need a certificate of deposit to deposit money into my account?

You do not need a certificate of deposit (also known as a CD) to deposit money into an account - unless you are attempting to deposit money into a CD account. Most banks only require you to have a regular savings account opened to be able to deposit money into a checking account for free. However, these terms vary by bank depending on which one you are using. Generally speaking, however, you should not have to open a CD to deposit funds into a regular checking account.

State the person who should be interested in accounting information?

state the persons who should be interested in accounting information

Savings account in my name set up 33 years ago with my grandmother as trustee as she has just passed away what happens now?

You should discuss the account with the bank. There may be a payable on death feature on that account. The bank should be able to advise you of the status of the account. You should take a copy of your grandmother's death certificate with you when you visit the bank. Since the account is set up in your name, if you provide proper relationship evidence between you and your grandma and also provide identification proof for yourself and provide the death certificate of your grandma, there should be no issues in getting the proceeds of the account. Note: Since the account is 33 years old, if you have not operated it in the past one or two years or more, the bank might have moved the account to Dormant state and might charge you a penalty for the same.

Should everyone study accounting?

Yes, everyone should study accounting because understanding accounting will help them with their finances. Knowing where your money is will give you control over your life.

What is specific accounting principle?

Accounting principles differ throughout the world. Whether you are an accounting student or an investor, you should be aware of the accounting principles that apply in your region.

Can a lawyer deposit beneficiary's policy in their own account?

They can, but it is not a good practice for a multitude of reasons. It should be treated like an escrow account, at the very least. It should be deposited so that the real beneficiaries are named as principles on the account, or held in trust for them. A strict paper trail accounting should be set up. If the lawyer is to hold the account in trust, then the will should state how it will be handled. For example, a relative who is seen as a spendthrift may be left money to be used in specific circumstances.

What is the relationship between accounting theory and accounting standards?

Accounting Theory:Accounting theory helps us in understanding the basic concepts about the accounting and practises.Accounting Standards:Accounting standards describes us that how books of accounts should be prepared and also how particular accounting transection should be dealt in standard way so that every body in the world should follow and prepare books of accounts in same way which will be very helpful for anybody for comparison purpose.

Should Associate degree be capitalized?

Yes. Examples of Associate's degrees are AA, ABS, AS.

How to write a letter for getting a salary certificate?

When writing a letter for a salary certificate, it is important to include the name of the person that should be receiving the certificate. The letter should also contain when the person will be receiving the certificate.