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Should you give a dog Mucinex?

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You should NEVER self prescribe any medications or human drugs and not even Mucinex to your pets. Phone the vets and they will give you more information on what your dog can have. Fish oil tablets are great for your dog, etc.

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Is Mucinex poison to your lab dog?

No it is not. Mucinex is acuattly very tasty to your dog. Just not grape flavor. the flavor in grape may kill your dog.

What if your dog eats mucinex?

If a dog eats a small amount of Mucinex it should be fine. There could be vomit or upset stomach. Some people treat their dogs with human medication and have no side affect. If a large amount was ate, watch the dog for abnormal behavior. Seek medical attention if the dog begins to act abnormal.

Does mucinex give you diarrhea?

Yes you can!

What should you NOT give your dog?

Never give your dog choclate it can kill your dog.

how much should i give my dog water?

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Can you give a dog ibubrofen?

NO! You should never give a dog ibuprofen.

Can you give your dog one Aleve?

Do not give a dog anything that is not for dogs. Who knows what it could do to the dog. Yuo should ask a vet what you should do.

Does mucinex show up on a drug test?

Mucinex is legal. But the dextromethorphan in it can give a false positive for heroin. But then again, so can poppy seeds. Just means you should avoid bagels and cough syrup before getting tested.

How many times should you give your dog a bath?

You should give your dog a bath at the longest of 2 week intervals, but really it should be once a week you wash your dog.

How much food should you give a dog in one day?

How much dramamine should you give your dog?

call your vet,they should be able to tell you for lb, how much to give your dog.

how much should you give your dog some ice cream?

your not a post to

What food should we give to a pug dog?

Dog food.

Can you give a dog exedrin?

you should not give your dog anything that is not for dogs unless a vet is consulted.

How much should diazepam should you give your dogs?

Never give your dog diazepam go to the vet they have special dog tranquilizers.

What medicine can you give a dog?

You can give any medication prescribed for your dog by your veterinarian. You should never give your dog any medication that was not prescribed by your vet.

Can you give a dog calpol?

You should not give a dog calpol as it may have adverse effects. If a dog is sick, you should allow a vet to diagnose and offer proper medication.

What can you give your dog after she has eaten strawberries?

you should give your leg.

Should you give your dog aspirinfor her abscess?

No. You should never feed a dog human medicine

How much asprinin do you give a dog?

No , you should not give asprin to your dog. Aspirin is sometimes used by vets to treat mild to moderate pain caused by osteoarthritis or musculoskeletal inflammation, it should never be administered by dog owners

Should you give up your dog?

.What are the circumstances?

Give a dog a pill?

First of all you should ask a vet. Second it is possible to give your dog a pill but I only give my dog Allergy pills when he has a cold.

What painkillers can you give your dog after hysterectomy?

Your veterinarian should send your dog home with some pain medication. Under no circumstances should you give your dog human medication - you could kill her.

Should you give your dog pork?

yes you should give your dog pork because they eat meat they dont eat sweet's or fruit meat

Can dog eat cashew nuts?

Absolutely not. You should not give your dog anything but meat if you do not give them dog treats. The nuts can be toxic to your animal.