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Should you stay in school longer, and have time to finish all your homework, or should you stay with the system you have now, where you leave school earlier and have work to do once you get home?

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* I think longer school hours would be good. Lots of parents work until 5 pm, so having school until 5 would mean kids don't have to go home alone and they could finish their work and have time to play when they got home.

* Kids should get less homework because it wastes to much of their time and most of the stuff they get don't even further their eduction. My brother gets a tenth of the howork i got in his grades. **you also need a spell-check**

* Less Homework is the best!

* Homework is more trouble than its worth. Parents and children argue because of the fact that we don't like it. It does not even help most people, and those it does help should do it, if they want. It also causes teenagers and children, to be stressful this is because home work takes to much time and it . It causes more trouble then its worth and therefore should be banned.

* Looking at the answers above, it seems that homework has already been banned, judging by the grammatical infelicities which abound!

* I do not believe anybody should have homework for many reasons: 1) Studys have shown that most adult back problems come from heavy backpacks *supervisor's note: need citation for proof of this statistic* 2) Most children go to school for 71/2 to 8 hours a day do we really need more? 3) Children that have a lot of homework have a very poor relationship with there family *again, need some proof* 4) Last but defidently not least, Kids need fresh air and fun they don't want to stay inside doing homework all day and they get very stressed out!

* Homework is an attempt to teach things other than just the lessons. A child needs to learn how to budget their time. They need to learn to take responsibility for their own learning and their own future. It's a cop out to say that it splits families and prevents them from getting exercise. 8 hours a day? I don't know what school district you're in, but most places limit the school day to less than 7 hours.

* Books and the backbacks that carry them aren't required to do homework. Most homework consists of a worksheet or some questions that need to be done. And many school district now make the books available online.

* They do so much work in school they should not have to do it at home to now if you do not finish it in school then it should be for homework. kids shouldn't have homerwork because homework is like practice and they've been at school all day which is also like practice. so it's like bringing the stress from school back at home to do more practice! isn't 8 hours of practice enough?

* the horrible grammar of the answer above is proof that homework must be needed

*I agree entirely with the previous answer, but feel the need to add that teaching is partly to blame - clearly homework on its own could be unproductive if the correct steer has not been given by the teacher (My daughter is a teacher, I believe she does her best!).

*kids do not go to sleep and it is bad for them because they coud go crazy

*We Should Have No Homework And Go Home At Normal Time 3.15 Because 5 Lesson's A Day That's Like 35 Lesson's A Week IS ENOUGH

*There are some people who think that homework does not help learning - go figure.

*The Paradox: If a teacher cannot teach what is necessary in their allotted time to the extent that they regularly need to encroach on private recreational time to get their material across, then they either have less than 5 hours a week to teach or they are a poor teacher. Think about it- if any other professional wasted people's time with unnecessary repetition, it would not be tolerated. It is too bad society has accepted homework as not only mandatory participation in learning but also a fixture in curriculum.

*This one's from someone who obviously needs to do a bit more homework in order to learn how to speak English: i HATE homework. i know it is supose to help me and bla bla bla, but can't they at least make it fun or creative and not as much to do? i remember things by finding connections and or things i can remember. i remember the 19th amendment lets women vote because my social studies teacher did a funny little beat box thing to it. i remember a plants cell is rectangular because we did a fun activitey in science class. i remember a complementary angle is the right angle because i made the angle into a mouth giving a complement.we need small, personalized homework assinments instead of a one size supposedly fits all piece of paper with dum questions that make little to no sence.

*The reason we have homework is because of the people who can't spell when complaining about homework.

*Yes we have to learn but come on... school is were u should do school. its like taking our free time away we do have lives

*yes !! that's what i think. homework takes away our free time!! we have much better things to do than HOMEWORK!! we should do school things at SCHOOL. NOT at our houses. that's why they invented SCHOOL WORK!! come on...

*Homework is a necessary evil. Learning is a LIFELONG process - not just a SCHOOL thing. If you want to get better at anything - anything being sports, arts, Musical Instruments, gaming whatever - you have to practice. Homework gives you all the things you need to practice your school learning at home so you get better. Im sure no one would be complaining if the homework was to hone their PlayStation skills!!!!

*Honestly i don't even do my homework but that's because so many teachers give you homework thinking that they're the only ones giving you homework or they think their subject is more important. Which it never is. I don't get the point of it and why do they think detention is "scary"? It just means i have another excuse not to do my homework coz i don't have alot of free time on my hands.

*homework sucks teachers don't understand how much stuff we have to do outside of school like chores and maybe 4 some people sports or dance. they don't understand that if we do these things we don't have time to do homeword or we have to stay up all night just to finish it then they wonder y we fallin asleep in class or school period. 4 example i take dance on saturdays and they give me homework over the weekend i have dance from 9am to 7pm now usually u like to relax over the weekend but with the homework they give me its like having school 7 days a week. and after school i have swimming class i catch the bus and don't get home till like 7 and still have to eat dinner and do dishes and take a bath or shower and do some chores after that im tired so its hard to do it all and sometimes i have to get up early in the morning to finish it but i never even go to sleep till lk 11 or 12 so i only sleep 4 a little while its not fair.

*now homework might be stressful but it tells u where u r n school so if u do home work it tells u where u need help in some subject so the teacher can help u other than that it just plain sucks

*First, let me just say that the reason why they assign so much homework is because of the fact that, kids like you all, cannot spell or write a paragraph right. If you would pay attention in class, then you would have no problem with homework.

Second, it's because of kids like you all that teachers and adults talk down about us all the time. I go to high school with so many kids that still don't know how to read, write, spell, or write a sentence correctly that it reflects on me. It reflects on students that actually pay attention and do what they are told but, because of the fact that the majority of the students don't care, that the smart ones are treated like they're dumb.

*Kids need less homework but they still need a bit. There is no need to have heaps of it, perhaps 1 or 2 a week. However you should not extend school time unless it is only extended by half an hour / 15 minutes. I think this because children already get a headache towards the end of the day so if school hours are extended then by the time they get home they will be taking pain killers. Also if it isn't extended then children will have more time to get fresh air and play with there friends.

*Whether or not homework is done at school, by extending school hours, or at home, by keeping "regular" hours, homework is an essential part of the learning process. While not everyone responding in this question has missed that point, many have, sadly to see. Homework emphasizes the lessons learned in class, and serves to reinforce the brain's long term storage and availability of the information given. There are very few of us that have true eidetic memory. (I'm close, but not a true eidetic and, yes, I had to do homework!) As a result, it is nearly impossible to sit in class and watch the lecture, and expect to retain it without any further exercise. Homework is essential. Think of it this way... When you first learned to ride a bicycle, the principle was explained to you. Did you then get on the bicycle and ride it perfectly the first time without falling down? I don't think so. You practiced. You made mistakes, you tried again, you made adjustments, and you eventually learned how to ride a bicycle. There is no difference between that and homework. Without homework, you may as well give up on eduction, and that is not an option. Do homework. If you are a parent, force the doing of homework. The parent has a job, bringing home an income. If he or she did not do that job, they would get fired and lose the job and income. The student's job is to learn. They must, amongst other things, do homework. If they don't do their job, they flunk. The student's job is to learn, not to play games, not to while away their time chatting with friends, not to see "what Sally is doing with David", but to pay attention to their own job of learning. Do your homework!

*I agree with the fact that NO ONE should EVER have homework because it is a waste of time, energy, and it can give kids stress. Homework can also get in the way of fresh air, studying for important tests, reading, and practicing sports/musical instruments. Unfortunately, most homework is horribly arduous.

But, I also believe that homework is necessary. Without it, kids probably wouldn't know how to spell or understand (for example) chemical equations or the meaning of the spanish word "haber." I also agree with the fact that homework helps kids understand how to manage time (even though when I think about managing time, this makes me even more stressed, and as a result, I am wasting time).

Also, we should keep the normal 6-8 hour school day and have it Tuesday through Friday (Monday seems to always be a kind of sad/bad day). Instead of going from 6 to 2 (or 7 AM, whenever people wake up), we should wake up for school around 7:30 or 8 and arrive at/start school around 9:20. This would at least seem better than waking up at 6 AM and having to suffer from then to about 11 AM (or whatever time people wake up normally on weekends/summer vacation). We would then leave school around 2:30, get home around 3, and still have some time to do.

*Because back two hundred years ago we weren't given these types of things,and people missed out.

* I think it is a good idea to have longer school hours, but no homework. That way we already do all our learning at school and when we get home we don't have to worry about doing MORE school stuff because then i lets you go to bed late and less sleep and a million more reasons...

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  • Why should kids have less homework? What do you think?

Kids are recommended to do less on man-made pages and do fieldwork instead. Kids, as a matter of fact, learns best through live experience on behalf of their physical abilities. This is for them to get ready for their upcoming career in adulthood; for example, soldiers don`t practice marksmanship using books, neither are doctors operate a patient by literally wielding a paper instead of a scalpel. I am not saying that books don`t come in handy at all, but to point out that we have abused this "device" by confusing real life and drawn images on the pages of our homeworkand textbooks. Aside from that, the drone of demanding questions in homeworks and the punishment of red pens marked on them are more of a threat than a reminder. The most ignorant ideology of a typical teacher is that students are clinging onto their homeworks for their lives - how ridiculous! And the most infuriating fact is that the more homework the teachers give and the higher their expectation of the students achieving their (teachers) goal, the higher the salary or income will be. It's quite sad that some students don't know about this, because they are taught to see that learning is a Call of Duty rather than a fun, exciting ride to discovery.

  • When they have too much homework it's overwhelming and it can make them feel like they have too much to do. You have to remember, children are children and they are going to want to do more than do homework all day. Say they have homework for 3 classes and then they have sports practice or a game, they also are going to want to check their MySpace and or talk to their friends on the phone, and they're are expected to have some free time too to be themselves. Not to mention eating 3 times a day and showering. Doing all of those things takes a lot of time out of their day. Say that it takes them a half hour for each homework assignment. Now imagine they're not doing well in that subject and they try to work on it for an hour to an hour and a half. Sometimes homework can be too much. This answer is based on teens.
  • Only if you find yourself doing homework the whole entire night and then you get up and have to go to school in the morning again.
  • But if you're in college this should be welcomed. Home work helps you learn the material better and you earn your money's worth.
  • In high school they shouldn't take away some of the best years of your life by doing homework.
  • I think so. I am a thirteen year old in the 8th grade. i get at least SIX PAGES of homework every night. in the eighth grade.... i think that is a bit much.
  • I am a student in grade 8 and I believe teachers do not realize the burden they are attributing to their students. Most nights I receive work to do, or I have a test I need to study for in every subject, or almost every subject. Every day I have Algebra 1, French 1, 8th Honors English, 8th Honors Social Studies (or Humanities), 8th Honors Science, and a "special area." Most teachers give a moderate amount of homework to the point where it becomes overwhelming. People in my grade either stay up until midnight or later because of homework on top of extra-curricular activities (I myself play soccer and this applies to me most nights.), or they do most homework in class and homeroom which defeats the purpose of homework. Of course, there are the few that choose not to do their work which frustrates me because they still pass their classes because the teachers feel sorry for them. Anyway, my schoolwork is not only substantial, but it is usually somewhat difficult, therefore I have no time to simply live my life. I hope that schools can find a way to effectively incorporate education and social lives of students, so as not not to misconstrue their ability to operate in modern society.
  • because we already are at school for 9 hours
  • this is an imbecile whoever answered above me. Teachers give you homework so you can learn the material your teacher is teaching you. have you ever came back from summer vacation and then the teacher gives you a review and you're like, "Uhhhhhhhhhhhh"? that was me one year, that's because you haven't been practicing. Practice is essential to do good in school, you have to do homework.
  • Homework is given out far too much. I can understand being assigned to read a novel in English, or having to write the occasional paper, but much of what passes for homework is just busywork - mundane, pointless, boring crap assigned for the sheer hell of it (or so it would seem). Which brings us to...
  • Homework eats up far too much time. I don't know the hours you're at school, but at my high school, you're there from 8:30 to 3:30, and that's not counting extracurricular activities you may have. Think of all the time wasted when kids could be catching up on sleep (they don't get enough, it's true), being active (high obesity rates, anyone?), and actually learning something instead of plugging away at more bull.
  • Just because you did the worksheet doesn't mean you know the material.
  • Homework can negatively affect performance, especially in math. Say I'm learning about parabolas, and the teacher assigns 25 practice problems "to reinforce what we've learned." Well, I paid attention, but it's hard to master a concept in a single period. Still, I do the homework, because I'm a good student. Here's the problem: I don't know how to shift parabolas horizontally. Humans learn by repetition, and after I've done 25 problems incorrectly, the wrong way is lodged in my head. So when the test comes, I shift the parabolas incorrectly. Now, a teacher could catch my mistake early and help me learn, but with more instruction and less homework, that wouldn't have to happen.
  • I'm not 100% anti-homework, because putting new knowledge into practice is necessary, but I don't think teachers realize that when they tell a student to do some math problems or diagram some sentences, this student has to contend with not only that, but also homework from his or her other periods AND get a good night's sleep.
  • It takes away from your free time at home.
  • And also sometimes it creates burden to our studies.
  • I think schools should give homework, but just barely enough to cover the basics. Not too much, but just enough to reinforce what they learned, like maybe two to three, maybe even four, questions per concept. If it is easy, three to four questions, but if it isn't, one or two. Homework shouldn't be completely banned, but it should be given in small amounts, and not have to be given every day.
  • It should be given, because it helps you with exams and stuff. And plus it gives you a chance to learn more stuff for class, and you'll be a brain box!
  • I think there should be no homework because their is too much and it can be very overwhelming. I think that if they can't get the job done at school, why send them home in the first place? Just add another hour or so to school and forget homework. Some homework is understandable, but when it gets to a point where a student can no longer have a life unless it's a weekend, it's way too much.
  • Teachers should not give out homework because children need their time to learn in their own way. Drawing, painting, etc. would help in their artistic skills. Reading, writing, etc. would help in their intellect skills.
  • Yes, to place more emphasis on what is being taught in lesson as a single learning tool.
  • Yes, so teachers can spend less time marking and more time planning better lessons.
  • Homework is important because it exercises your mind. When you are in class, the teacher is directing your thinking process (that is, if you're paying attention). When you work on your own, it gives you a chance to direct your thinking in ways that are natural to you. An illustration might be the difference between four soldiers marching in order and those same four soldiers walking down the street, each in their own style.
  • Spending a little time on homework also expands your knowledge of a subject. It also helps you learn self-discipline which, I promise you, you'll appreciate sooner or later.

I think schools give too much homework one project may take hours.

This it the question that never gives good or helpful advice. well kids really don't need home work because each home worry are going to do the same thing in school the next day or it might be on a test. if home work was taken away it would be for the better because it would have kids paying more attention in class because if you were goofing off you would get a big fat F on your paper

because 1.its less work for the teachers2.we go to school for 7 hours and 3. we do work all day..........................

This is a question I know almost too well! The thing is with homework is that it is something that teachers give out to help us improve. They don't just do it cause they think it is fun watching us suffer, they do it because they know that we will benefit from it. This is coming from someone who most of the time has 8 assignments plus extra homework, sad I know. On the other hand, why should we be spending extra time outside of school doing work? Why can't teachers just get it that we actually have other things to do besides going home and working. I think that what they need to do is set a limit of how much homework people get. So it shouldn't be that we go to school for 6 hours then come home, then do 3 or 4 hours of work, then go to bed! If any teachers are reading this, seriously, think about it! So there are two sides to this never ending argument, you have just got to decide what you think is the right answer.

Another Answer

I think that teachers should NOT assign homework to students simply because kids need time to be kids, go hang out at a local community center with friends, bike, skateboard. We don't need extra cericulum unless we really want to. I think it is the students choice if they want extra marks for the future but if you decide not to take the homework it will not effect your grade. If kids are stuck in the house all day doing homework they have no chance to be healthy active kids. What is done at school should stay at school not be carried on to personal life. Bottom line, kids need a break. They have at least 8 hours of school a day sometimes 6 for small elementary schools.

Teachers give homework so you can get better of what they are teaching you and get better in life.

Sure they shouldn't have us head over heals in it, but it is still good to get homework!

This answer changes on who the person is but this is just my thoughts

That's right its a chance for you do do some work by yourself to practice/ see if you fully understand what was taught at school.

Homework can also an opportunity for you to do some of your own learning or research.

It would give their students more time to do other after school clubs. They would also get to spend more quality time with their family. It is clearly beneficial to give students less homework

It should be given, because it helps you with exams and stuff. And plus it gives you a chance to learn more stuff for class, and you'll be a brain box!

The Reason Why Students Should Have less Homework is Because they need their social time freedom from maths, English and science they be at school for over 30 hrs.

Ok, first off, the person who wrote that above this seriously needs to fix their grammatical errors...and yeah, I actually agree with them. I'm guessing that person is and adult, but take an answer from someone who has the perspective of a student. Yep, that'd be me. Ok, can you picture for a moment you back as a kid, if you are'NT already, coming from a long, 7 hour day at school. You're tired, no doubt about it, your hair ruffled, messed up and greasy; proof of your hard, tiresome labors. As if you are'NT already to crash in bed, now you have to work what's left of your butt off on stupid homework about stuff that we all know you're never gonna use in life. How you breath and how your heart works? Pointless. How to figure out the most complex linear equations? Forget it. The thing is, you really don't need homework, or at least in the masses that they're handing it out in. Do you get my point? Hopefully yes. Thanks for reading! :3

yes indeed it is as you will be seriously stressed out and will not focus on what you are doing


Taking time away from family

Being stressed

Teacher's have more homework

Kids often cheat

Takes time away from after school activities or sports


shows positive effects

higher grades/test scores

allows students to work at their own pace

allows students to take what they have learned and put in their own perspective

lets teachers see the development in students

helps students discover their creativity

helps parents see what their child is learning

parents interacting with child

help stretch kids minds

prepares kids to work independently

helps kids practice their academic skills

I think schools should limit homework because of clubs, extracurricular activities, and family time gets in the way. It can also cause high stress levels, and even obesity from not being able to go outside.

Given the ease of copy and pasting in recent years, and sites like this - homework has certainly lost it's value.

A teacher could set a student a question, that student could come home and ask that same question on this site then I'd find myself answering it for them.

Having said that - I probably am now.

Kids should have less homework so they can play sports after school, hang out with friends and family, go out for food, and have fun.

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