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Oh of course you shud join amity Global Business school, It's a part of a reputed Amity University and I am a proud student of AGBS charter batch and I can guarantee the amount of industrial exposure you get its incomparable.

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Q: Should you join noida amity global business school?
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What is difference between amity global and amity international business school which is Best for doing Bachelor of Business Administration?

Amity Global Business School is part of Amity University, just like Amity Business School, however there are 2 differences Average Fee of Amity Business School is: 11.00 Lacs Amity Global Business School: 5.50 Lacs Faculty is different, which means the A Class faculty is not available to Amity Global Business School Building is Separate. Standard of Course of Different, Amity Business School is V. Good, whereas Amity Global Business School is just Average!

What is Amity Business School's motto?

Amity Business School's motto is 'We Nurture Talent'.

Is amity global varsity a part of amity university?

both are part of the same Amity group

When was Amity School of Engineering created?

Amity School of Engineering was created in 2003.

When was Amity Law School created?

Amity Law School was created in 1999.

Is amity school top school in delhi?


With which school is Amity International School of Mayur Vihar affiliated?

This school is affiliated with CBSE. Its belongs to the same chain as Amity Noida, Saket etc.

How is kolkata campus of amity global varsity forMBA?

Did not like it...Not comfortable Did not like it...Not comfortable

Which college should you join uiit shimla or amity school of engineering new delhi for B Tech?

UIIT Shimla

Is the Amity School of Engineering a good place to get a Btech degree in Aerospace engineering?

Amity School of Engineering has been ranked the number one pvt Engineering School in India for placements by Dataquest Magasine. Amity is the only one in Delhi and around to offer aerospace engg

What is Amity Regional High School's motto?

Amity Regional High School's motto is 'Amity High School teaches all students to think critically and creatively and to develop their potential through a diverse program of courses and activities that help them mature into productive and responsible citizens.'.

Whether it is good to do BBA in amity or lucknow university?

one should also consider the fees in Amity as it is high there but yes, Amity is quite nice.