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Cats with a heart murmur is just like a person with one. There may be things that the cat shouldn't do (i.e ride on roller coasters, no sky diving etc..) I believe for the cat to lead the best quality of life the cat should be an indoor cat, if the cat isn't spayed or neutered you should talk to a vet about doing it. Carefully control the amount of cat food as an over-weight cat would put unneeded pressure on the heart. With the right owner who loves and cares for the cat, and if the cat is deemed otherwise healthy minus the heart murmur by a vet, and is not suffering, it should lead a normal life - without skydiving ; ) 96% of people also have heart murmurs. They are not usually life-threatening and have no significant health issues. Keep the cat! Everybody needs a home :) ANSWER- I HAD A CAT THAT LIVED FOR 21 YEARS, his name was Sterling and he was just like a child. When he was sick, I would take him to vet. He had kidney problems,and heart problems. His heart problems went on for 4 years, but eventually he was having heart attacks all the time. He would collapse and cry. So two years ago, finally decided to put him at peace and very humanely. But for those 21 years he was great. Then last year, I was feeding a stray in the alley and now she is part of the family, and have spent $2,000 on radiation for thyroid! Of course, if you cannot afford to take care of the cat, it should be brought to a shelter rather than left to fend for itself.

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Q: Should you keep a stray cat who has a heart murmur?
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