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Q: Should you let your brother cross-dress and be one of your bridesmaids in a dress and high heels and his hair and make-up done just like the girls?
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How does a boy crossdress?

The question arises, how did you wants to crossdress? If you are interested in complete girly look, then you should probably seek for you leg wax, a mini size skirt, bra - ofcourse some tissue paper to grow your breast and something girly dress. Then, you should try a heel , some makeup and pony tail if you are having a long hair. The best thing to do this is to take help from a girl friend.

How should you do your makeup?

You should put your makeup where you want it and would enjoy it the most.

What age should you wear makeup?

There is no one best age for a girl to start wearing makeup. Some people feel that since makeup is a means to portray sexual maturity and fecundity, prepubescent girls should not wear makeup.

What color makeup should you wear with casual dress?

You should were dark colored makeup

Is wearing makeup bad?

Wearing makeup is not bad, however, if you have acne, you should wear oil-free makeup or no makeup at all to avoid getting more breakouts.

What is good makeup for a bat mitzvah?

As a 12 years old girl, makeup should be age appropriate, especially as this is a religious event. Light, natural makeup should be more than enough.

Why should people wear makeup?

People Should Wear Makeup To Cover Up Ugly Unwanted Blemishes and unwanted Scars

Should 13 year olds wear makeup?

Anyone can wear makeup, as long as they know how to use it correctly. Never overdo it. In my opinion, everyone should keep their makeup somewhat natural. Go for it:)

Should you put makeup on in primary school?

Unless you are on stage, save makeup for high school.

How much should you pay a makeup artist?

you should pay a makeup artists around 40$ an hour, depending on how good they are and good the buisness does.

Should a ten year old wear makeup?

A ten-year-old could wear play makeup, but she probably should not be wearing real makeup. I wasn't allowed to wear makeup until I was 16. A child has plenty of time to become an adult later.

Should there be a National No-Makeup Day?

I think so because what's the point of makeup? why couldn't there be no makeup at all so when people don't wear makeup it's normal and when people do wear makeup its creepy. I think so because what's the point of makeup? why couldn't there be no makeup at all so when people don't wear makeup it's normal and when people do wear makeup its creepy.

Should kids be able to wear makeup to school?

I believe only high school girls should be able to wear makeup to school, not younger.

How should I do my sister's makeup?

you shudnt be usen it in the first place... search" how to put on makeup" i answered that one

When you try out for dance should you wear makeup?

it doesnt really matter. What matters is your dance skills, not your makeup.

Is makeup included in a Mac Makeup Case?

A Mac Makeup case does not necessarily have makeup in it. What you find in it depends upon who is selling it, so you should inquire with them. They come in different sizes and hold different amounts as well.

Should boys wear makeup?

no its wrong.

Is it ok to wear makeup to school?

You should only wear makeup to school if your parents approve and it is allowed by the school.

Why should kids not wear makeup?

because you stiill have beatiful skin and people olny wear makeup to look pretty and for coverage but when your little as a child no need for makeup your beatiful.

How do I apply makeup for school?

Applying makeup for school should be simple. Enough makeup to make you look better, but not too much that you look like you tried too hard. It is important to apply just the right amount of makeup.

How can you crossdress?

A cross dresser is a person who dresses in clothing specifically meant for the opposite sex. Cross dressers also wear makeup to hide facial features. A cross dresser is usually a man who dresses up like a woman, but it can go either way.

Is YSL makeup applied the same as Covergirl makeup?

Yes, YSL makeup can be applied the same way as Covergirl makeup. The two brands may offer different styles and price points, but you should be able to use the products in the same manner as any other brand of makeup.

How old should you be to wear scene makeup?


What makeup should you wear with silver clothes?


Should you wear makeup to school?

It all depends on whether or not you're ready to wear makeup. It's 100% your decision! Some kids start wearing makeup in grade school, with others end up never wearing makeup.