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no you should not mow you lawn on wet grass

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i think you meant your lawnΒ 
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Q: Should you mow your lawn on wet grass?
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How often should I mow my grass?

Mowing grass accomplishes more than just keeping your lawn neat: it also keeps it healthy. You won't have to cut your grass as often during the dormant season as you do during the active growing season, but this timing varies by the type of grass in your lawn. Keeping your grass at an optimal height and ensuring you don't remove too much at once are the keys to maintaining a healthy, green lawn. Grass needs mowing most during the growing season. For warm-season grasses, this is the summer; cool-season grasses grow in the spring and fall instead. Leave the grass clippings on the lawn -- as long as they're not wet and heavy -- to fertilize your lawn.

How do you prepare a baseball field?

Mow the grass, rake the dirt, chalk the foul lines and batter's box, and wet down the infield dirt.

Increase Your Home Value by Keeping up Your Lawn?

Having a lush, verdant lawn not only makes your home look good, but can also help to increase your home value and your ability to sell it. Your yard is one of the most important elements of your home's exterior aesthetics and can make a lasting impression on all of your visitors. The condition of your lawn also reflects your attention to detail and personality. If your lawn is messy and unkempt, chance are that people may think that you are lazy and a slob. Below are a few tips to help you get your yard in the best possible shape. 1. Mow your lawn when it reaches the appropriate height. You should mow your lawn when it has reached a height of between 4 and 6 inches. Many people are tempted to mow their lawns when the grass is shorter because it fits into their schedule, but doing so can actually harm the grass. When you cut your grass, it places a lot of stress on the lawn. Short blades of grass are more susceptible to stress and can becomes damaged. 2. Cut your grass with a mulching lawn mower. In the old days, you had a few choices as to what to do with your grass clippings. The easiest method to deal with the grass clippings is to leave them on the yard. However, a lot of people think this looks messy and unsightly. The second option is to pick up the grass clippings by hand, which can be labor intensive. Next, you could buy a lawn mower that has a bag attachment. A new method of dealing with grass clippings is to buy a mulching lawnmower. A mulching mower cuts the grass clippings up into tiny particles, which are then deposited across the yard as you mow. These particles act as natural fertilizer for your yard. If you choose not to purchase a mulching lawn mower, take your grass clippings and throw them into a composting bin. After a while in the compost bin, the grass clippings will be transformed into a natural fertilizer. 3. Water your yard in the day to promote health and to guard against disease and pests. Watering your yard at night can leave your lawn soaked throughout the night. Wet grass roots can rot or attract diseases and pests if it is moist for too long. By watering your grass in the day, you can take advantage of the natural evaporation of water provided by the sun.

Can you cut the grass if its wet?

1. It depends on the lawn mower, if its a ride on you shouldn't because you can make tyre marks on the grass. 2. you secondly shouldn't because the mower blade doesn't function as well when its wet, because the mower blade can just bend the blade of grass and your lawn won't look as good as it would if it was cut dry.

What should you be standing on for the shock from an electric fence to be the least unpleasant?

On dry, thick gravel

How can watering your lawn at night to help water?

Watering at night means less water will be lost to evaporation. However, it also means that your grass will be wet for hours which is not good for the lawn. The best is to water it very early in the morning (4-5) where there will be less evaporation and the grass doesn't stay wet too long

If the grass was not too high what would cause my lawnmower to bog down on thick grass and emit white smoke?

Could be that the lawn was wet and that the white smoke was actually steam.

When should you water a lawn?

== == The experts say the best time to water your lawn is in the morning before the sun hits the lawn. It gives the ground time to soak in the water and then when the sun comes up it dries the grass tips a bit so fungus and other diseases do not have time to destroy the grass. If you water it at night, when most people do, the grass may develop fungus or other diseases because it stays wet through out the evening.

How can watering your lawn at night help to conserve water?

Watering at night means less water will be lost to evaporation. However, it also means that your grass will be wet for hours which is not good for the lawn. The best is to water it very early in the morning (4-5) where there will be less evaporation and the grass doesn't stay wet too long

Does leaving your grass clippings on lawn kill it?

I have observed that if the clippings fall in lumps on the lawn, the lumps will eventually turn live grass underneath brown in color and unable to grow. The clumps seem to occur when the grass is wet or builds up on the underside of the mower and falls on the lawn. I don't see that to be a big problem except that I would rather have the clippings more evenly spread out and disintegrate so it fertilizes the lawn naturally.

Why is the grass wet in the morning?

the grass is wet because of dew forming on it

Will your lawnmower motor break if your lawn is wet when mowing?

no- you won't likely hurt your mower, but it may be hard to do a good job. If you have ever let the grass grow too long before mowing it, you have a good idea of what might happen with wet grass.

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