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Eating Ice Cream When Having a ColdIt may not help much. Dairy products tend to increase the presence of mucus. If you have a cold or cough, this is not the best thing to have happen. To stay hydrated and help to thin mucus, drink lots of water as opposed to milk, ice cream, or other dairy products.

In addition, sugar is broken down into glucose. Therefore, glucose is in the system in great abundance after a nice helping of ice cream. Unfortunately for you, vitamin C and glucose have the same receptor sites on a cell. Vitamin C is imparitive to proper immune function. The more glucose you put in the system, the less chance there is for Vit. C to bind to receptor sites. People think that taking a massive load of vit. C is helpful when they're sick. This is only because it helps to increase the ratio of Vit. C to glucose. If they didn't consume so much sugar, they wouldn't need to take extra in the first place.

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Q: Should you not eat ice cream when you have a cold?
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