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Picking a college degree can be a task that is quite hard because you are chosing a career you are most likely to spend with your life. Try picking out your interests and the types of activities that make you happy in your life.

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You need to know which area of knowledge you wish to pursue. When you have decided on that you can then choose the institution that best matches you aspirations.

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Q: Should you pick your degree or your college first?
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Is there a way that I can get my college degree online?

There are many schools that offer degrees online. Pick the college of your choice and check their website. You should be able to find the information on what kind of online degrees they offer.

What degree should you get?

Pick an area you enjoy. Your degree will affect your future job prospects.

Did sydney Crosby go to college?

Obviously not stupid,he was like the first pick and made millions, would you go to college?you retardObviously not stupid,he was like the first pick and made millions, would you go to college?you retard

What should people go to college for?

they should go to college because you can learn more about what you want to learn and you can pick the job you want to go.

How many colleges do you need to attend to get a degree in photography?

You only need to go to 1 college if you pick the right one.

How do you turn your college credits into a solid degree?

You should speak with an academic adviser at the school you attend. He/she will be able to fit your existing courses into the most appropriate degree program. It is difficult at times when students take courses that are in a number of disciplines. Still, they will be able to pick the best fit based on the courses you have taken. After you have selected the program of choice, you will have to declare this major to the college. In other words, you must matriculate which is to declare a degree.

What is the group that makes the formal selection of the nation's president?

Look up the electoral college process and you'll understand better. Hint: we pick, they pick. This happened because in colonial times, they couldn't decide who should pick the president: the "smart" people or citizens. Hope I helped....

Prepare for College?

One of the biggest mistakes I made in my undergraduate career was failing to pick out a school with a journalism major. Now, I recommend to every student I see to research the degree programs at your college of choice before putting down a tuition deposit. You need to know what degree programs a college offers ahead of time.

What websites like me earn my master degree in education ?

The first step I'd do to find out more about this, would be research. Do not pick the first best website you find, but rather pick a few and then compare them, after all the internet is full of websites that pretend to be professional but aren't in the end and since earning a master degree isn't something to be taken lightly, you should be certain that the website you choose in the end is reliable.

What do you study in a bachelor's degree?

Each college has different departments and within those departments are different majors, so you study in the field you are interested in. There is no general education for a BA. You have to pick a subject to study within the first 2 years of education.

When one has been going to college for as long as he has to do you think the college owes a degree?

No. It is up to you to complete the requirements for the degree including attendance and grade requirements. You must pick a major and then take all those classes that fill the major. You have to earn the degree. It is just isn't given out for going for a length of time. And these degrees take a minimum of 8 semesters.

What should you study in high school or college?

Take the classes that you are good in and that inspire you/interest you. In college, you can have a major and a minor, usually, so you can pick two fields then.