Bananas and Plantains

Should you put bananas in the refrigerator or should they go on a banana hanger?


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If you want the bananas to ripen quickly, store them at room temperature. Placing bananas in the refrigerator slows down the ripening process tremendously. According to Dole, refrigeration will turn the skin/peel brown faster but that the fruit will remain fresh longer than if stored at room temperature. See Related Links.

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I recently placed some mostly green ones in a plastic bag when I bought them at the produce market, pushed out as much air as possible, sealed the bag, and put them in the refrigerator when I got home. After four weeks they were good in color (yellow) and flavor. I discovered how to do this by trial and error.

That works fine, but I suck the air out, works even better. Can be done with Ziplock type bags if you only leave a small opening. You can also freeze bananas that are getting over ripe, but you MUST remove the peel first. Do not defrost them. The consistency will change, but the bananacicle tastes great.

I think that you shuldnt put bananas in Dee fridge, cuz I think they get all soft nd mushy.....unless yhu like ur bananas that way then yhu go on nd do that.-__-