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A heat pump might be the best hedge against rising fuel costs, plus it offers the versatility of providing cooling as well as heating. However, heat pumps usually are not adequate to provide heating in really cold climates, so you would have to augment it with some other heat source. A 15 year old furnace should not need replacing, so using it with the heat pump might be the best solution.

2006-07-09 10:14:06
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You have an electric forced air furnace and central air. why does the central air fan run when furnace comes on?

You must have a heat pump with electric auxilliary heat.

How to convert an oil furnace to an electric furnace?

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What is the purpose of an electric furnace?

I heard my friends talking about an electric furnace, but I don't know what it is used for. What is an electric furnace used for?

What size circuit breaker for electric furnace?

67,500 BTU electric furnace

Electric Furnace?

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Is an electric furnace cost effective?

Yes, An Electric Furnace is Cost effectivecomparison with gas and fuel.

Central Humidifier Installation?

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How do you identify an electric furnace from a gas furnace?

an electric furnace runs off of 208/230 Volts while a typical gas furnace runs off of 120 also a gas furnace will have a valve for the gas relay where the gas enters the furnace.

Where can one purchase a new electric furnace?

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Why is my furnace only blowing cold air?

What type of furnace do you have?electric

What are the applications of an electric resistance furnace?

A Furnace heated by electric Current is known as electric Furnace. Advantage of an electric furnace is it gives Positive temperature control System through a Temperature Controller. Now a days application of an electric Furnace is very Vast, from domestic use to Industrial Applications. Industrial uses its making large quantity of steel, in quality control laboratory it's a part to Analise the quality of materials etc. Domestic use of electric furnace warm rooms, media of cooking foods for us.

How many electric space equal an electric furnace?

Ten to fifteen 1000 watt baseboard heaters is equal to a 10 or 15 kilowatt electric furnace.

Who invented the first electric furnace?

I did

What is the pur pose of Air handling unit?

A "gas furnace" is called a furnace, an "electric furnace" is called an Air Handler

How many Breakers needed to wire an electric furnace?

The electric furnace operates on 240 volts so a two pole breaker is needed.

Where might one look to find electronic furnace prices?

Electric furnace prices can be found anywhere an electric furnace can be purchased. One place to look is at a home appliance store, such as Lowes or Sears.

The efficiancy of an electric furnace is what percent?

100 %

Why won't my Electric furnace light?

Electric furnaces don`t light

What actors and actresses appeared in Electric LTM Furnace - 1977?

The cast of Electric LTM Furnace - 1977 includes: Shaw Taylor as Himself - Commentator

Do you have to purchase a new furnace to get central AC or can central AC be added with an existing furnace using the existing duct work?

My parents did it with existing ductwork.

How to use copper pad in electric arc furnace machine?

Sensitive equipment like a furnace machine requires the services of a qualified electrician. Call one to have the copper pad in the electric arc furnace machine fixed.

What is a common flux in a blast furnace?

Limestone, dolomite, BOF slag, electric furnace slag, olivine

Furnace gas versus electric?

Go with gas.

What is an EAF?

EAF stands for electric arc furnace.

Where is the filter located on a central air conditioner?

the filter on a central unit is the same as the furnace filter usually located in duct work directly beside furnace