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You should swing it like an iron because normally its not used on a tee, if you swing it like a drive on a fareway then you are going to miss the ball.


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Depends on swing speed and how good the player is, it could be about 180-220 yards depending on player.

exactly how you would swing the club it replaces e.g. i have a 19* hybrid. This is my 2 iron replacement so i would play the ball in the exact same position i would play my 2 iron.

If this question is in reference to a hybrid golf club that is a hybrid of a 1 iron, then the answer is as follows. There is not a "general" distance any golf club should hit a ball.. The length of a golf shot is not only determined by the club, but by many other factors, such as swing path, the golf ball itself, wind speed and other weather conditions and most importantly club head speed. Let me give an example, my father who is 65+ hits a 5 iron about 150-160 yards. I am 23 years old and I hit a 5 iron between 200 and 230. Right there, you have almost a 100 yard difference between two people using the same club.... In trying to give an answer to this questions, a 1 hybrid golf club should be around or exceed 200 yards.. Again, this is really determined by your swing and the club head speed you generate. Hope that helps!

The word is swing. Golfers swing the golf club. Children play on a swing at the playground.

180 - 200 yards, depends on club specs and how good the player is.

you make a triangle shape swing the club back and keep your i on the ball

What is the swing weight on mizzuno 825 pro

The loft of a 7 hybrid should exactly match that of a 7 iron. Therefore, your 7 hybrid distance should match your 7 iron distance

The speed of a persons golf swing can be determined by clipping a swing speed clip to the club. These devices can be found in sporting goods stores.

A golf enthusiast can purchase some Bobby Jones hybrid golf clubs from Global Golf, 2nd Swing Golf, Budget Golf, XTC Products, Morton Golf Sales, and eBay.

Have you seen a golf swing? The idea is to hit the ball with the swing, that is the only way to play the game.

Depends how fast you swing and what shaft you have in it, it could go anywhere between 190 and 220 yards.

you are suppose to stand about 6 inches back from the center of your body.

a hybrid is designed to go farther and make better contact

It wont be a bad effect, if anything a good one. You need the same strength and ability to swing a golf club and a baseball bat. As myself, I golf and i use to play baseball and my golf swing helped me alot with baseball.

A Taylormade hybrid is different from a normal golf club in many ways. A Taylormade hybrid is special because uses a deeper face and lower GC for easier launch angles.

Usually at the top of your golf swing you want the shaft of the club pointing straight and parallel to the target, if you are laid off at the top, the club is pointing left of the target with an open club face.

It is imposible for me to tell you how stiff a shaft you should use because I don't know your swing speed. Golfers who swing the club at a faster speed in the downswing (faster swing peed) will require a stiffer, and possibly heavier shaft, whereas a golfer with a slower swing speed may need a more flexible and possibly lighter shaft. Depending on how serious you are about golf, you may want to get a club fitting. If you do this a golf professional will help you find the

You don't really have a particular swing. The swing for all clubs is the same. If you are talking about the club going right to the top, you call it backswing. The opposite is throughswing. honest review and guide......//

Yes, Weight And Length Are Important.

Some hits can be a bit like golf, but golf swings with hockey sticks are dangerous. A swing with a hockey stick like a golf club can easily result in the ball flying up in the air and create danger.

They are just two different names for the same club. No difference.

No it does not prevent shaking in golf if you use the plane one swing because you are only using your body, not your arms.

Aim your feet and your body where you want the ball to start, then open the clubface to point where you want the ball to finish. For the swing you should swing out to in, that is take the club to the outside on the way back, and swing in on the downswing.

You should start with mizuno's mx series. they are the number one brand for irons that are forged. next is Adams hybrid iron combos. very skilled in this design. taylormade follows or callaway. ping is very good the best thing for you to do is go get fitted at your local golf shop or a teaching pro at a golf course. this will help to build around a swing not you build your swing to the club. big difference.

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