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AnswerI feel like your girlfriend should do that for you any how. If you were to do it than there is a problem that it was ever a problem on your girlfriends behalf AnswerThe other poster is correct in saying it should be your girlfriend dealing with this. Unless the other guy was being rude, crude and not taking no for an answer then you should butt out. With the way this 21st century is going it's dangerous to interfere too often in situations like this. People can carry weapons and you just never know what you're up against if you should confront this guy. Your girlfriend seems to be milking this one and loves the flattery. She can stop it if she wants! Tell her to knock it off!

The above answers are correct. i had a guy (her ex) tryin to kiss and get my gf and i let her try to handle the situation, but when he didnt back down i went and told the guy if he doesnt back down, that i was goin to kick his *** he backed down and the prob. was resolved

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Should you continue to flirt with your girlfriend if she is already your girlfriend?


Should you keep trying to flirt with her?


Should you flirt with your girlfriend?

If she's comfortable with it then YES!!!!!!!

What should you do if your girlfriend has a guy friend and he is always trying to touch and flirt with her?

I think you should maybe try to speak to your girlfriend and tell her how uncomfortable his behaviour makes you feel. If she refuses to change or discourage him to tone his behaviour down, then maybe you should reconsider being with her.

Should you give your x-girlfriend relationship advise?

Of course you should let her give you advise; just so long as your friends otherwise she might be trying to upset you or annoy you. If your x has a friend you like you should get your x to tell her and then flirt with her a lot.

If the guy you like a lot flirts with you but he has a girlfriend what should you do?

No what you should do is let him flirt you flirt too but when he mentions his girlfriend look at how he uses the word "Girlfriend" it could be a fake and he is trying to make you think he is unavaliable to make him cool but then you know that just makes him more irresitable but then you talk about your "Boyfriend" and it will make you seem cool to but then later on ya'll would end up together and then he will say they "Broke up"" and then he said he wants you

Should you flirt with this boy you like?

I don't see why not unless he has a girlfriend then don't bother and interfere with the relationship.

Why do exes and people that flirt with you bother your girlfriend?

Because of jealousy and possessiveness...also she might be insecure if she is overdoing it. Your exes should not be able to flirt with you anyway, they are exes for a reason.

You like this guy don't know if he likes you he is a natural flirt and he just broke up with his girlfriend what should you do?

Talk to him

Why does your ex flirt with you if he has a girlfriend?

He hasn't gotten over you, and he is trying to have two girls at once

How do you flirt at 13 if your a girl?

You should start off by sitting next to the person who you are trying to flirt with. The next step should be for you to ask simple questions like do you have an extra pencil I can borrow. After you have passed that step, you should start complementing the person on anything you can think of that is not embarrassing.

What should i do if my crush has a girlfriend already but he likes me should I forget about him or just wait and see what happens?

I would say don't flirt with him or the girlfriend will get jealous, wait until they breakup and then see what happens. Just make sure he isn't a jerk, if he tries to cheat on his girlfriend then you should just leave and forget about him.

You got a new boyfriend and now your ex has a new girlfriend is he trying to make you jealous?

of course hes trying to make youjealous he must still love youyou should mabye try flirt with him ?maybe he thought the exact same when you got your new boyfriend and he's trying to "counter attack"

What should i say or do if a guy pokes you on the side of the stomach?

If you like him and your trying to flirt then giggle and push his hands away.

What if you like a boy and he has a girlfriend but likes someone else and don't know if he likes you?

Because he has a girlfriend you should flirt but flirt lightly. You don't want to make her mad. Just wait until they break up and then kick it up a couple of notches.

What if the guy you like has a girlfriend but you talk to him all the time and flirt with him?

You shouldn't flirt with him if he has a girlfriend.

What should you do-middle school-i like boy with girlfriend-flirts with you-friend asked if he liked?

If you are in middle school and a boy flirts with you, but has a girlfriend, you should ignore his flirting. Even if he likes you, he still has a girlfriend. You should respect his relationship with the other girl since you would not want him to flirt with another girl if he was your boyfriend.

How do you flirt really way?

To really flirt you should first, make sure that you will not hurt anyones feelings by choosing the right person to flirt with, for example you should not flirt with someine who already has a girlfriend. Girls can usually flirt by SMILING :) this is the most important thing you can do, also play with your hair, touch the guy that you are flirting with's arm while you a talking, biting your lip, laughing alot, and just showing them that you are enjoying their company.

How do you Mary your sims on sims 2castaway?

You have to flirt with a sim and raise their relationship. (EX. raise it from friend to romantic interest to girlfriend/boyfriend) then, a option should appear, the "Propose" and sometimes, they could reject you...but just keep trying! Hope this helps! :)

How should you flirt with him?

Buy him a beer

Can you get a girlfriend in Godfather?

No you can not get a girlfriend in Godfather but you can flirt with them.

Is poking flirting?

Yes it is. There are so many ways to flirt and some people do this. If they hurt you while they are doing it they are still flirting. They are trying to be cheeky with you and trying to draw you out to see if you will flirt back with them. You should! It is a lot of fun and you never know what might happen.

How do you flirt with a guy friend being VERY seceretive?

Believe it or not guys are dumb, we really are, just flirt how you think you should and he probably will think you about you. Just giggle when he says something he thinks is funny. (it worked for my girlfriend)

What should i do i like this guy and he like me too but he has a girlfriend i really like him and he likes me too and we always talk and flirt and he calls me hot and cutie?

You need to tell him to talk to his girlfriend about whats going on.

What does it mean if you saw your girlfriend flirting with another guy and what should you do?

You should dump her! Don't dump her unless she MEANS it. Sometime you flirt and you don't even know it. If she keeps doing it..... well keep your eye on her!