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Depends on if you have a DVI compatible monitor and video card.

DVI is considered better than VGA.

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Q: Should you use DVI or VGA to connect to a desktop?
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How do you connect vga monitor to Mac Pro dvi port?

You can buy a DVI to VGA adapter.

Can you use a HDMI to dvi adapter and dvi to vga adapter to connect your ps3 from HDMI to your projector by vga?

No. HDMI to DVI uses a DVI-D or DVI-I connection and is digital, but a DVI to VGA uses a DVI-I or DVI-A and is analog. The best way to connect a PS3 to a projector is to see if the projector support component video through the VGA input using a VGA to component pigtail adapter. The projector might have even come with one. You then need to purchase a PS3 component video cable. This will allow resolutions up to 1080i (if your projector support it).

Can you connect a vga laptop to a dvi tv?

I have had some success with this and then some failure too.Using a Belkin VGA Flip KVM Swithch with a DVI Male to VGA female adapter I was able to get my VGA laptop to work on my TV through my desktop computer. The problem was that my TV now defaulted to the VGA resolutions settings, which meant although I could see the image on my TV the quality was terrible.So I took back the Belking VGA and got the Belkin DVI flip. Now I am not having sucess with this. Although I haven't given up yet.

Name 3 different ways to connect to a monitor?

vga, dvi, hdmi

How do you make a DVI to M1 cable to connect an Infocus projector to a digital video out on a computer?

It depends on video card. If you don't have DVI slot then you will have to get a female VGA to male DVI adaptor. the DvI would then go to M1 and connect at projector.

What can one do with a DVI VGA?

With a DVI to VGA lead one can link DVI and VGA devices. For example one could link a computer through its DVI output to a monitor with VGA input. One can buy them from Amazon.

Can I connect my PlayStation to a computer to play video games?

You can connect your PlayStation to your computer via a composite or composite to VGA or DVI out.

Will a component input to DVI output work on a Computer Monitor?

If you have the correct cables and a DVI to VGA adapter (as most computer monitors use VGA), it should work.

What is terminal used with monitors?

You can connect via the VGA, DVI or DFP connections. (which ever one is available in your computer.

How do you connect a MacBook Pro to plasma?

Use the DVI port. You can use a dvi cable, vga cable (using the dvi adapter that came with your computer), or a DVI to HDMI cable. Just plug the cable into the computer and the tv and your Mac will do the rest.

How do I connect my wireless vga cable to my tv?

To connect your desktop or laptop computer to your television you will use a vga cable. Information about how to connect the devices can be found at .

Connect television to computer?

There are several ways to connect a television screen to a computer. The three most common interfaces that allow this are HDMI, DVI and VGA.