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no If you are asking about highlighting information with "bullet points," yeah, it is probably okay. Real bullets are a bad idea. The holes make the resume difficult to read, and may send entirely the wrong message to a prospective employer.

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Q: Should you use bullets on your resume?
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Should you use pronouns I and We on a resume'?

The only place that is appropriate on a resume to use the pronoun 'I' is for your objective (goal). There is no use for 'we' on a resume; you should use the name of the company to which you are applying, not a pronoun. The rest of the resume should be objective information.

What are ways to improve a resume?

There are many things that one can do to make a resume appealing and easy to read. One should use bullets so that the resume is clear and readable. Eliminate responsibility words and clutter, and try to keep the resume to one page with only the most important things mentioned.

Fresher's should use resume or CV?

Resume- for freshers CV- for experienced

If resume is 2 pages should you use front and back of one page?

NO... A resume should always be one sided.

What size font should you use for a resume?

size 622

Should you use a paper clip to attach resume pages?

NO DO NOT USE PAPER CLIPS ON A RESUME Paper the interviewer will not even look at it staple it

When should an applicant use a separate resume or objectives?

when should an applicant use different resumes or objectives

What should you fill in for Resume Title?

what should be the resume title?

What information should you have for a resume?

For a resume you should use what occupations you have had in the past, your interests, and your skills that would help you qualify for the job you are interested in. You should also stay positive in your resume, don't say that you have horrible financial stability and need this job.

Should you use the word I in a cover letter?

Yes, you can use "I" in a cover letter, just not in your resume.

When should you turn in your resume?

A resume should be turned in when applying for a job. A resume can also be turned in at the beginning of an interview.

What resume format should you use?

Resume formatIn the links to the right are dozens of resume samples for you to browse and copy, as well as pages describing the different resume formats, which to choose, and how to write them. There are three different resume formats are available.You can choose your resume format according to your post.

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