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Business Planning SoftwareNo, no and no. Absolutely not. Not only are these software packages a waste of time and money, they are also very confusing and make the planning process much more difficult for a first time entrepreneur. They really serve no purpose, as no two business plans are alike. They don't actually create the plan for you and you should never consider filling in the blanks to an existing one. This is called "canning" and is widely recognized as a farce in the business world. You don't want your plan to lack research, thought and originality! I have tested a variety of these software titles and found that it is much easier to create a business plan using Word, Works Word Processor or Word Perfect. Excel or a Works Spreadsheet will come in handy for developing your financial projections or contact your accountant. Your best bet is to invest the couple hundred of dollars you were going to spend on planning software on some self-help books for how to construct a solid business plan.


Although they are not the best for professional business people, BP software could be a great starting point for someone not in the industry. Generally they all come with the same framework and some offer interesting tips and hints... kind of like having a tutor to help you out. So if you know nothing about business plans and don't know where to find the information then go ahead and try one out... some give 30 day free trials.


You can find a lot of solid information, including a business plan model at the US Small Business Administration website (see the related link).

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Q: Should you use business planning software to create your business plan?
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