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Hi, Nipple soreness can be a sign you are going to have a period arriving soon hun. There is no need to worry about nipple soreness unless you notice a nipple discharge. Take care. This is also the time your body is preparing to go into peri menopause and your hormones are doing dips and dives, highs and lows. Nipple tenderness, soreness or your breasts feeling bloated (along with feeling bloated in your tummy) are some side effects. Eventually (all women are different and it can take 10 or less years from now) you will go into full menopause where you cease to have periods at all, but still have the highs and lows of hormones, feel cranky, moody, cry for no reason, hot/cold flashes,gain weight (or you may not depending on your genetic structure) and depressed at times. Not all menopausal women go through all these side effects. It's wise to go on the internet and start learning about peri menopause and menopause as it's simply just another phase of a woman's life and not the end of the world. When I went into menopause I dealt with it naturally and I found I had more time to do the things I never had the chance to do before. I went back to my writing, good at artwork, work part-time, etc. There is no reason to worry of this as it's natural.

2007-06-09 21:53:05
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Is it normal to have your nipples leak at 24 weeks pregnant?


When do guinea pigs develop nipples?

after being pregnant for a couple of weeks

HOW WILL ANY one know if my cat is pregnant?

When she is 3 weeks pregnant, her nipples should "pink up" ie go from the normal off-shite colour, to quite a rosy pink colour. If she is over 3 weeks gone, then you will have to wait to see some weight gain & enlargement of her nipples, which may take a few more weeks to be noticeable.

Are sore nipples a sign of being 6 weeks pregnant?

Pregnancy is one of many conditions that may be causing sore nipples.

Nipples are sore 2 weeks before period is due Pregnant?

no dude, you are ovulating

If you have sour nipples for about two weeks now and you just got some blood could you still be pregnant?

Yes you might be pregnant but sore nipples also occurs during a period

When cats nipples get WHITE does it mean that its pregnant?

no. cats nipples are normally white. If she is pregnant you Will notice a change in the nipples from white to Rosy pink color in 2 to weeks gestation. Though not all cats nipples change it its their first litter. She will crave more of you attention aswell. hope this helped

Im 28 weeks pregnant how much should the fetus weight?

two to three pounds!

If you are 3 weeks pregnant when did you conceive?

Three weeks ago.

I missed my period about two weeks ago and still haven't started Now my nipples hurt Is it hormones or could I be pregnant?

both. you should go and get a pregnancy test; I'm about months pregnant now and when i was about 6 weeks (or 2 weeks past due on my period), my nipples started to get darker and more sensitive. although, it could be stress - but to play it safe, if you have had unprotected sex, go get tested now

Is it normal to be 2 weeks pregnant and not have sore nipples?

Yes. Every woman experiences pregnancy differently.

If you were 23 weeks pregnant on your ultrasound and went back 4 weeks later how many weeks should you be?

if you are 23 weeks pregnant , then go back 4 weeks later you should be 27 weeks pregnant. Almost 7 months.

How early in the pregnancy does discharge appear?

I have 2 kids and think I am about 3-4 weeks pregnant I have had the sore nipples and the bloating as well. Every time I had concieved I knew right away and all three times I had this creamy milky white discharge and it came at about 3 weeks pregnant.

You got your period 2 weeks ago and now your nipples hurt could you be pregnant?

Your nipples could hurt at anytime, that doesnt mean you could be pregnant. The question is...Did you have sex ? Try pregnancy tests, or go to the doctor.

What does it mean to be 22 weeks pregnant?

You have been pregnant for 22 weeks and should be delivering in approximately 17 weeks.

Ten weeks late three neg tests bloating sore breasts tired am I pregnant?

You could be pregnant. You should go to the Doctor and receive a pregnant test.

You may be 9 weeks pregnant should you be vomiting?

i am about 9 weeks pregnant and i have not vommited yet.

I have not had a period I have been off of the depo shot for 7 weeks and my nipples are sore do you think i could be pregnant?

Just the nipples being sore are not the only sign of pregnancy. If you have nausea and also camps then there is a better chance of saying that you are pregnant.

Are sore nipples a sign of pregnancy three weeks before your period is due?

Yes, Sor nipples are a sign of pregnancy also if you have missed you period

My dog is supposed to be pregnant its been 2 or 3 weeks and shes still skinny but her nipples are bigger is she pregnant?

their weeks are like our months. for her, its been like only 2 or 3 months then. think what you would get.....

If your 3 weeks pregnant but don't know it should you keep taking the pill in case you aren't or stop taking it in case you are?

Take a pregnancy test, which will certainly be positive if you're three weeks pregnant.

How many months are you if you are 31 weeks pregnant?

7 months and three weeks

How many months pregnant is 7 weeks?

One month and three weeks

My dog is supposed to be 2 or 3 weeks pregnant but shes still skinny but her nipples are bigger but nothing else do you think shes pregnant?

It could be a fake pregnancy if you female dogsmammary glands is enlarged then she is pregnant if not it is a fake pregnancy.This should help youhttp:/

Your nipples are really sore and im cramping im not supposed to start your period for 2 weeks and ive never had your nipples sore before Could you be pregnant?

It does not mean you are pregnent your fine