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Q: Should your throttle switch always be open?
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What does a throttle switch on a 350 banshee do?

The switch is to limit the engine RPM if the throttle sticks wide open.

What is a Wide open throttle switch for 87 Jeep Wrangler?

the wide open throttle switch sends a signl at wide open throttle the the ecm to richen the mixture by widening the injector pulse, keeping the injector open a bit longer

What is the difference between a throttle position sensor and a throttle position switch?

A TPS is a variable resistor that tells the engine computer the absolute throttle opening percentage. A switch tells the system when the throttle is wide open for enrichment purposes.

What is a throttle performance switch for an 87 corvette?

Basically, these throttle performance switches change the value that your throttle position sensor gives the ECU. This, in effect, leads your car's computer to believe that it is reaching wide open throttle sooner. How can you do this without buying a throttle performance switch? Just put your foot to the floor faster! No matter what the manufacturer might claim, your car won't make any more power than it did before you installed the switch, you'll just feel it sooner.

Is the pressure switch high Normally open or normally close?

A pressure switch can be normally open or normally closed. It depends on how it was made. The NO/NC should be marked somewhere on the switch. A pressure switch can be normally open or normally closed. It depends on how it was made. The NO/NC should be marked somewhere on the switch.

Why is both wires hot on brake light switch?

If the switch is "closed" both wires should be HOT - with switch open one wire should go COLD-- if not defective switch

How do you test a tps on a 1990 miata?

The TPS on a 1990 is a WOT switch. Using a multimeter set to read resistance, or a continuity tester, check the resistance between the center and bottom terminals of your TPS with engine off and throttle closed completely. You should read continuity (or zero ohms) between those two terminals, and if you manually open the throttle slightly, the continuity should be lost (resistance goes to infinity). A complete test takes more time; the manual states that with a 0.016" feeler gauge between the throttle lever and the throttle stop screw, you should read continuity, which should go away if you put a 0.027" gauge in there. With the throttle fully open ("WOT"), there should be continuity between the top two terminals of the TPS. In between the idle and WOT positions, there should be no continuity between any of the terminals

What is wide open throttle for a mercury force 40 hp?

Wide open throttle (WOT) is a term used for any engine when the accelerator is held to the floor and the throttle plate(s) are wide open.

How do you replace throttle position sensor in 1999 Nissan maxima And where is located?

Disconnect the negative battery cableRemove the air intake duct and disconnect the TPS and wide open/closed throttle switch electrical connectorsRemove the two retaining screws and separate the TPS from the throttle body

What does the reading on a ammeter say when the switch is open?

An open switch in a circuit will stop all current flow so the ammeter should read zero amps.

How do you get a door open that has child safety locks and will not open from the outside?

It should open from the inside. Then the switch is usually in the latch for the door. HTH

What are the throttle position sensor specs for a 1985 Oldsmobile cutlass?

You didn't mention what engine...etc. But for the most part you want .05 to 1.0 volt at idle and 4.5 to 5.0 volts at wide open throttle. It should also increase smoothly as you slowly open the throttle. If it skips and jumps around the TPS is bad.

What happens if the switch is open?

If the switch is open, current does not flow.

Will an open switch record a resistance of zero ohms?

no...... ideal open switch should have a resistance of infinity... the question should be a closed switch" but this is also false because any good conductor will have a small resistance the connecting wire resistance is exhibitted across the terminals of the switch

Where is the switch to open fuel door on 1992 BMW 525i?

It doesnt have a switch. You just open it with your hand. It does have a lock which locks it with the central locking so it should unlock when you unlock the car.

How do you open your garage door when the remote will not respond?

There should be an override switch inside the garage.

WHAT IS Throttle position sensor ON Volvo?

A Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) reports to the ECM how open the throttle is. The signal is sent as voltage to the ECM, and the amount of voltage reports how open the throttle is. The throttle is what allows gasoline to get to the engine, and in a car that is the gas pedal. We would think fo the value as 0% to 100% and any range between.

How do you fix a ford explorer air ride system that is stuck on high ride firm?

open rear hatch and open jack compartment on left side. turn off air ride switch for about 1 hour and take a drive. this should reset the system and you can turn the switch back on. to keep this from happenning, always turn off this switch before jacking the explorer off the ground.

Is there a voltage across a open switch?

If the switch is what is keeping the load from turning on, then yes, there is a voltage across the open switch.

Where is the idle air control located on a 2006 dodge ram hemi?

The computer uses a motor in the throttle body assembly to open the throttle plate. There isn't a separate idle air control motor.The computer uses a motor in the throttle body assembly to open the throttle plate. There isn't a separate idle air control motor.

Does a circuit flow on a open or closed switch?

It flows on a closed switch not an open one

What is a open switch circuit?

When a switch is 'open' that means it is in the 'off' position. 'Closed' means 'on'.

On Yamaha exciter what does tors light for?

TORS mean Throttle Override System. This is also referred to as TSS ( Throttle Safety System ). This monitors where your throttle is at, compared to your carburetor. In the event that your throttle gets stuck wide open, it will cut back your sleds power. There should be a wire than you can unhook to bypass that system. is there a diagram that shows which wire it is

What is the voltage on a 1987 Chevy Celebrity tps?

According to my factory service manual the voltage at the throttle position sensor should vary from about 0.5 volts in the idle position to 5.0 volts in the wide open throttle position.

How much electricity does a lamp used when turned off?

When the switch is open there should be no current flow.