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Q: Show a picture of Madison pettis house?
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What sHow is have Madison Pettis been on?

Cory in the house

What hand does Madison Pettis write with?

It is not known which hand Madison Pettis writes with. She is most known as an actress who appeared in the TV show, Cory in the House.

What show does Madison pettis play on now?

lab rats

Is madison pettis the youngest?

If you mean in her family, YES! She is also the youngest on the former Disney Channel Show CORY IN THE HOUSE.

Does Madison Pettis play Addison Sweetwater on the show called Phineas and Ferb?

Yes, Madison Pettis does do the voicing of the Fireside girl Addison Sweetwater.

Is Madison pettis on are you smarter then a 5th grader?

Yes she is on the show. No doubt. Although sometimes she is not.

Who is maddison pettis mom?

Maddison Pettis has been in the Disney channel show Cory in the house and the movie mostly ghostly she is really cool

What is Madison pettis?

Madison Petis is a child actor that got her debut on Disney channel show Cory In The House and has done a number of movies since. She is not currently doing anything big (As of 2010) but I'm sure you will hear if she does. Her email address is

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Does Madison pettis have a sibling?

Yes she does. Her dad has two other children from a previous marriage. They are much older than Madison. One is a half-sister. The other is her half-brother named Steve Pettis Jr. He is in the Army. She was surprised on the Bonnie Hunt show during Christmas by her brother who had been serving in Iraq for a year. You can see this on her or on youtube.

Does Madison pettis have any sisters or brothers?

She has a brother, if you watch her on youtube from being on Ellen's show, her brother surprises her by coming back from Iraq? from being away for a while. it was so cute

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Who is maddison pettis?

Maddison Pettis is a 12 year old girl that started her carrer in a show called Cory in the white house she isn't really doing anything big right now in (2010) but i have to say she will probably be staring in some new movie soon. hope this helped, Juliet

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