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You may find the online Holocaust Encyclopedia useful. See the link below.

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Is there a list of the victims of the holocaust anywhere?

there is an incomplete list at Yad Vashem.

Is Schindler's list based on the holocaust?


What part did Nazi's take in the holocaust?

In general terms; they were the perpetrators.

36 questions about the holocaust?

Are you thinking of a specific list?

Are dogs murdered in the animal Holocaust?

there is no such thing, you may be confused with the 'Canibal Holocaust' a film from 1980. There is no 'animal holocaust' or 'animal slavery', these are just terms to make people angry enough to get them involved with the subject behind the mis-appropriation of such terms, a shamless act of disrespect.

Do you have any Holocaust videos?

Better watch the movie Schindler's List. Also: * The TV miniseries "Holocaust" * Claude Lanzmann, "Shoah"

What World War 2 terms start with h?

Holocaust homefront howitzer

What was the movie called that Stephen Spielberg created about the Holocaust?

Schindlers List.

What is the setting for schindler's list?

the setting ( back ground) is the beginning of the Holocaust

Do you have a list of good websites to go on to look for information on the Holocaust?


Can I have a list of baseball lingo?

Click on the 'Baseball Terms' link on this page to see a list of baseball terms from

What do you mean by the terms 1st and second generation holocaust survivors?

2nd generation is just a lazy and insulting way to say the children of Holocaust survivors.

Was the movie schindlers list accurate to the actually Holocaust?

Yes, the movie Schindler's list includes many actual events that occured during the holocaust. It is based mostly on Oskar Schindler and his humanity, but it does touch on things that actually did occur during the holocaust. There are a few historical inaccuracies in the movie but in general it is a good source of information about the holocaust and its included events.

What word starts with the letter c that has something to do with the holocaust?

Holocaust terms that start with the letter c:Chelmo - an extermination camp in western Polandconcentration camps

How many children were in the Holocaust?

No records show all lives.

Why do they bleep out holocaust on tv?

It was presumably just a gag by the show.

Where is there a List of those killed during the Holocaust?

Yad Vashem, but the list is not yet complete, most of the names are known though.

Can i see a list of people who died in the Holocaust?

Obviously, this is impossible; but the Holocaust center of Northern California is having a try. Go to:

How long did the Holocaust last in years?

In terms of the large-scale, routine execution of people in camps and by mobile killing units (Einsatzgruppen), the Holocaust lasted from 1941-1945.

What terms is used to describe the extermination of 6 million Jews in Nazi Germany?

the holocaust pendejo

What was the purpose of the Nuremberg trials and convict the leaders of the holocaust?

to show the world.

What did the Nazi do to the victims of the Holocaust?

burned them to death and killed them with deadly gases....the list goes on and on

Is there a program that you can insert a list of terms and it will define them?


What did the rest of the world do about the genocide in the Holocaust?

They didn't know about the holocaust so they could not do anything about it _______ The Holocaust was well known in Allied countries by late 1942 and was reported in the media and discussed in public. However, in practical terms it is hard to see what could have done.

What is the theme of Schindler's List?

no specific name other that the music from Schindler' list, composed by John WilliamsThe theme to the movie Schindler's list is called......Schindler's listSchindler's List was about a man that saved about 1100 Jews from the holocaust

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