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This means: Yes, very good i really like when you talk

Direct translation: Yes very good when you talk it pleases me a lot

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Q: Si muy bien migusta mucho tu habla mean in English?
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What is the English translation of the spanish words Estoy bien con mucho trabajo?

The English translation of "Estoy bien con mucho trabajo" is "I'm fine, I have a lot of work."

How do you say 'Do you speak English well' in Spanish?

Translation: ?Hablas bien el inglés? -OR- ?Habla Ud. bien el inglés?

What does mucho bien mean?

well,nice to meet you =)

How do you say you speak English very well in Spanish?

If you're speaking to a family member, neighbor, friend, or someone else your age:Hablas muy bien el español.If you're speaking to a professor, an elderly person, or a figure of authority:Usted habla muy el español.

What does muy bien guapa mi mucho gustar mean in spanish?

It's a bit incorrect, grammatically. You probably mean: Muy bien, guapa, me gustas mucho = Very good, gorgeous, I like you a lot.

What is the English for Muy bien y me da mucho gusto que seamos amigos?

Something along the lines of:Great, and I'm really glad that we're friends.

What does lo siento mucho no hablo ingles estoy bien gracias y tu mean in english language?

It means, "I'm very sorry, I don't speak English. I'm well, thank you, and you?"

What does 'mucho bueno' mean?

Very Good! Mucho or muchos (a lot, plenty, many, very, etc). Bien (good, well, fine, okay, etc). ?Como estas? (How are you?) Bien or Mucho bien. (Good or very good.)

Can you make a sentencen with the word Gusto?

Yo estoy muy bien. Mucho gusto Carlos.

What does estoy bien in English?

"Estoy bien" means "I am well" in English.

How do you spell 'very good' in Spanish?

mucho calor (mooch-oh kall-or)

Muy bien estudiando mucho y tu?

Very well studying a lot, and you? This is not a very correct way of saying it, since the gerund form is usually not used like this in Spanish. A better way would be to say: Muy bien, estudio mucho, ¿y tú?