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Beacuse people like to hunt them and use their fur for coats and put their heads above their fire place.

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Who are the white tigers mutual with?

Siberian tigers Siberian tigers

How can you help Siberian tigers?

I know they are endangered because in my class, we are learning about Siberian Tigers and other animals, if you stop hunting them, then they will will stop perishing.

What animals do Siberian tigers get along with?

siberian tigers

How many Siberian tigers were alive in 2000?

help olala

Why do Siberian tigers need your help?

because they are going extinct

What is the Siberian tigers habitat?

The Siberian Tigers habitat is the Tundra.

Are Siberian tigers herbivores or carnivores?

Siberian tigers are carnivores.

What hunts Siberian tigers?

Man and other Siberian tigers

What colors are Siberian tigers?

Siberian Tigers are black and orange.

Are Amur tigers the same as Siberian tigers?

Amur Tigers and Siberian Tigers are the the same species of tiger. Amur is just another name for Siberian.

What are zoos doing to help Siberian Tigers?

Trying to breed them to repopulate them.

How have humans help the endangered Siberian tigers?

the answer is that they have to mucl land that's why

How do the Siberian tigers instincts help them survive?

bla bla bla

Do Siberian tigers hibernate?

No, Siberian tigers, and all tigers stay active year round.

How much do Siberian Tigers Eat?

Siberian tigers eat Siberian roe deer and silk deer

Do Siberian tigers live in grasslands?

Yes Siberian Tigers do live in grassland

Where do Siberian tigers get their name?

They are called Siberian Tigers because they live in Siberia.

What made Siberian tigers endangered?

The siberian tigers are endangered because they are hunted.

Do Siberian tigers have adaptations?

yes they do type in to wikianswers adaptations of siberian tigers

Do Siberian tigers climb trees?

Yes , Siberian tigers climb trees

Why are Siberian tigers hunted?

Siberian tigers are hunted for there teeth, claws and skin.

What is stronger a Siberian tiger or a Sumatran tiger?

Siberian tigers are stronger then sumatran tigers because Siberian tigers are the most wildest tiger in the world.

What are some special things that help Siberian tigers live?

Dont kill them

Is the Siberian tiger an endangered species?

It is estimated the wild population of Siberian tigers at around 350-450 tigers. So its sure that Siberian tigers are in the verge of extinction. Save tigers.

How do Siberian tigers communicate?

Siberian tigers communicate by using different types of growls.

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