Siberian Tigers

The largest of all cats, this long furred variety is well adjusted to its home in Northern Asia, and can commonly weigh more than 600 pounds!

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Siberian Tigers

What is a Siberian region?

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Siberian Tigers

Can the Siberian tiger camouflage?

Yes. In the deep forests, the shadows and intermitant dappled sunshine merge with the stripes on the tiger's body, making him almost invisiable.

Siberian Tigers

How do you make the Siberian tigers happy on roar?

For food they need large animals and need to be fed every other day.

I have found that footballs sometimes work but you need to keep on changing their treat.

Siberian Tigers

What kind of habitats do White Siberian Tigers live in?

White Siberian Tigers have not been scientifically documented. A Siberian tiger's habitat is in Eastern Russia, China, North Korea, India, South-Western Africa and northern Asia. The few "White Siberian Tigers" living in captivity are actually part Bengal.

A white tiger is a rare pigmentation variant/mutation of the Bengal tiger, which was reported in the wild from time to time in Assam, Bengal, Bihar regions of the Indian subcontinent and in parts of Eastern Russia, China, North Korea. The range of the White Tiger is historically very large, these animals are incredibly rare as their coloration is dependent on a defective, recessive gene that is passed on from their parents. Over the past couple of centuries the White Tiger has become even rarer in the wild due to trophy hunting or capture for the exotic pet trade. They live in Dense jungles and mangrove swamps and sometimes mountain slopes.

White tigers are typically Bengals, not Siberians. They occur within Bengal populations from time to time. White tigers are very rarely found in the wild. In about 100 years, only 12 white tigers have been seen in the wild habitats of India. They are almost extinct and most of the ones living are in captivity, mainly in zoos.

Siberian Tigers

Does a Siberian tiger hibernate?

they don't hibernate or migrate they stay active all year long. i hope you found this answer helpful. ;D

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Siberian Tigers

What really happened the night of April 28 1944 during Operation Tiger?

German torpedo boats attacked troop transports and landing craft of Operation Tiger, an amphibious landing exercise being conducted at Slapton Sands, in preparation for the invasion of France. More than one source gives the fatal casualty count as 749. Escort warships had been assigned to the convoys, and warnings about German naval activity had gone out, but problems with timing, poor communications and radio frequency confusion all contributed to the disaster. The degree of cover-up at the time and post-war has been debated. (MacDonald, Charles B. "Slapton Sands: The 'Cover-Up' That Never Was," Army 38, no. 6 (Jun. 1988): 64-67.) There is now a permanent memorial featuring a Sherman tank recovered from the sea at Slapton Sands.

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Siberian Tigers

What does it mean when a male and female hamster that have been separated after a litter is born keep trying to rejoin each other?

The same thing happened to my hamsters. They just wanted to start mating again so they can have more baby hamsters (pups). However, never let them rejoin or they will abandon the first litter of pups.

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Siberian Tigers

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Siberian Tigers

What is the scientific name for Siberian tigers?

Panthera tigris altaica or P. Tigris Altaica

Siberian Tigers

Why are Siberian tigers endangered?

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  • WWF: Solving conflicts between Asian big cats and humans - A portfolio of conservation action [pdf, 82 KB]
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In the 1940s the Amur tiger was on the brink of extinction, with no more than 40 tigers remaining in the wild. Thanks to vigorous anti-poaching and other conservation efforts by the Russians with support from many partners, including WWF, the Amur tiger population recovered and has remained stable throughout the last decade or so.

But poaching of tigers and its prey, increased logging and construction of roads, forest fires and inadequate law enforcement are threats that affect the survival of the species.

WWF, in partnership with Russian authorities and other NGOs, is helping establish an ecological network of protected areas (Econet) to secure well-connected habitat for the Amur tiger, funds anti-poaching patrols in the Russian Far East and supports an ungulate recovery programme. WWF is collaborating with the Russian authorities and other partners in the recent survey of Amur tigers.

The latest figures on the Siberian tiger show the animal has rebounded to a population of nearly 600.

people think that tigers are a danger so they kill them off
Siberian Tigers are endangered for a few reasons:

  • Illegal poaching for illegal tiger meat
  • Illegal poaching for fur
  • Illegal poaching for body parts used in (fake) medicine
  • Habitat loss due to modernisation and human expansion
  • Habitat loss due to agriculture
  • Habitat loss due to logging

people killed them, especially the people in villages who were scared they would eat them. they are now working out ways to keep themselves and the tigers protected.

The tigers where viewed as trophies

Some parts of the tiger was used in traditional meals

because they are increasing human population , and for that reason their habitat is being destroyed
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Bengal Tigers
Siberian Tigers

Can you lower a triumph tiger?

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Siberian Tigers
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Can a silverback gorilla kill a tiger?

Yes, because gorillas are strong enough to break a tiger's jaws.

Siberian Tigers

What do Siberian tigers do for fun?

People do things for fun, because we are not finding food and defending ourselves 24-7. We invent things to keep away the boredom and call those things 'fun'. Wild animals have often had a good day if they have not been eaten. (Or have successfully killed for food)

I imagine that young tigers play all day, rolling over and over, biting, clawing, and running. But that is a deadly serious way that they learn how to hunt and defend themselves when they are older.

Siberian Tigers

Is the Siberian tiger worth saving?

Yes, they are. They are beautiful and they are the strongest and biggest cats in the world, but they are also endangered.

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Siberian Tigers

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Siberian Tigers

What does the Siberian tiger's teeth look like?

The Siberian tiger's teeth are very sharp and pointy to catch other prey :)

Siberian Tigers

What are facts about Siberian tigers?

Siberian tigers live in Russia, North Korea, and China. They are endangered animals since there are less than 500 living in the wild. Poaching is a big threat to these magnificent animals.

Tigers live alone except for mating and mothers raising their young. They can eat as much as sixty pounds of meat in a day but there are many days that they go hungry. Tiger cubs need to be a year and a half old before they can hunt and stay with their mother for three years.

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Siberian Tigers

What is Courtship behavior?

Courtship behavior is a behavior in which males and females of the same species prepare for mating. Courtship behavior ensures that the males and females of the same species recognize one another, so that mating can take place.

Siberian Tigers

What is the population of Siberian tigers?

Slightly more than 500 in the wild.

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Siberian Tigers

What are the goldfish's natural predators?

Other fish and sea creatures that feed on them.

Siberian Tigers

How far can you hear a Siberian tiger roar?

Tigers roars can be heard from approximately 2 miles away.

Siberian Tigers

How many Siberian tigers in the world?

Last survey showed the population on the rise in the wild, somewhat over 500 animals.

Siberian Tigers

Which organizations are helping the Siberian tiger?

Some of the best known international organizations working to save endangered species such as the Siberian Tigers include: The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, The World Wildlife Fund (WWF), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Siberian Tigers

What is the estimated Number of Siberian tigers in the wild?

A count, taken in 1996 reported 430 Siberian Tigers in the wild. However, Russian conservation efforts have led to a slight increase, or at least to a stable population of the subspecies, as the number of individuals in the Siberian Forests was estimated between 431 and 529 in the last count in 2005. According to the World Wide Fund for Nature, the latest Russian Census reports put this number to be anywhere between 480 and 520 without including the small numbers of this subspecies present in mainland China. The Hengdaohezi Feline Breeding Centre in the northern Heilongjiang province of China plans to release 620 Siberian tigers, after its numbers have increased from 708 to 750. hi

Siberian Tigers

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