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I think silent hill 3 is the easiest.

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How many silent hill games?

There are 7 games in total. Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill 3, Silent Hill 4: The Room, Silent Hill: Origins, Silent Hill Homecoming, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

What are the names of all ten Silent hill games in order?

#1 Silent Hill #2 Silent Hill 2 #3 Silent Hill 3 #4 Silent Hill 4: The Room (The Silent Hill Collection)* #5 Silent Hill Origins #6 Silent Hill Homecoming #7 Silent Hill Shattered Memories #8 Silent Hill 8 #9 (Silent Hill: Orphan)* #10 (Silent Hill: The Escape)* *You may not count theese as Silent Hill games because One is a collection of #2 #3 and #4 in the series, and Orphan and The Escape were released on mobile phones.

Is there a silent hill 6?

There are seven Silent Hill Games in the Main series and a movie.Games1. Silent Hill2. Silent Hill 2 - Shattered Dreams3. Silent Hill 34. Silent Hill 4 - The Rooms5. Silent Hill - Origins (Also known as Silent Hill - Zero)6. Silent Hill - Homecoming7. Silent Hill - Shattered Memories (A remake of the first game)8. Silent Hill - Downpour (Due to be released)Films:Silent Hill (Of the first game)Silent Hill 2 - Revelations (Of the third game)Comic Books (Unsure if Official or not):Silent Hill - Past LifeSilent Hill - Dying Inside #1Silent Hill - Dying Inside #2Silent Hill - The Grinning ManSilent Hill - Sinner's RewardSilent Hill - Dead/AliveOthers:Silent Hill - Play NovelSilent Hill - ArcadeSilent Hill - Mobile DXSilent Hill - Mobile (Orphan)Silent Hill - The EscapeSilent Hill - Mobile 2Silent Hill - Mobile 3Silent Hill - Book of Memories

Is there a silent hill 7?

The 3 latest releases in chronological order were:Silent Hill HomecomingSilent Hill: Shattered MemoriesSilent Hill 8So unless you consider Shattered Memories as SH 7, instead of a remake.. no.

Where is the carousel in silent hill 1?

In the Amusement Park, Near The Very End Of The Game, Aswell As Silent Hill 3, And I Dont Think It Makes an apperance in silent hill 2

Is there a silent hill 3 movie?

No, there were only two films that were made. The first one being called 'Silent Hill' and the second one being called 'Silent Hill: Revelation'.

What is the silent hill storyline?

There are many different storylines, considering that there are 7 games and another one to come out this November, plus the film, but the main concept is that, at some point in the main characters life, they end up in silent hill, which is basically a strange other-world, full of grotesque monsters and a creepy atmosphere. Heres the titles to the individual games, if you wish to look up a particular story (not particularly in order); -silent hill -silent hill 2 -silent hill 3 -silent hill 4: the room -silent hill 5: homecoming -silent hill: origins -silent hill: shattered memories -silent hill: downpour (unreleased)

Does Alesa die in silent hill 1?

Yes, she dies at the end. However, the baby she hands you is a reincarnation of the recombined version of herself. This story is continued in Silent Hill 3.

Whats the name of the song that plays at the end of the movie silent hill?

The name of the song from the end of the silent hill movie is called "when your not here" the song is actually from silent hill 3 the video game it acts as the theme song it's really one of the only silent hill songs with words so the creators did'NT really have a choice of which song to use for the ending tune

What is the worst silent hill game?

Many people will have different opinions, but honestly my word I would say can be highly respected, I am quite a Silent Hill fanatic and pretty much study it to the core. I look beyond it just being monsters and fog but into the actual anthology of it. The worst Silent Hill installment was easily the movie for millions of reasons, which naturally makes Homecoming the worst of the games as it borrows largely from the movie. The movie was made by a team that had no business making it in the first place and so did Homecoming, so that on top of borrowing from the movie results in a very incorrect and flawed Silent Hill experience. However, Homecoming is overall a pretty good game and a fun and interesting survival horror. If one were to look past Silent Hill and look at it as more of a Stephen King or Sci Fi channel type of story then its a good experience. But when tagged with Silent Hill its very much full of errors. So, good horror game, bad Silent Hill game. It is pretty much the opposite of everything in the Silent Hill golden age (silent Hill, Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill 3).

What are the release dates for Atop the Fourth Wall - 2008 Silent Hill Sinner's Reward?

Atop the Fourth Wall - 2008 Silent Hill Sinner's Reward was released on: USA: 3 November 2009

When is silent hill 8 coming out?

Planned to launch in 2011 on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

How do you run in silent hill 3?

You hold down the square button while moving forward.

What are the release dates for Phelous and the Movies - 2008 Let's Play Silent Hill - Parts 3 and 4?

Phelous and the Movies - 2008 Let's Play Silent Hill - Parts 3 and 4 was released on: USA: 23 October 2010

What are the release dates for Cinematech - 2002 Silent Hill 4 Super Scary Sequel 3-19?

Cinematech - 2002 Silent Hill 4 Super Scary Sequel 3-19 was released on: USA: 1 June 2004

Which video game company published the survival horror game Silent Hill 3?

Konami was the company that published the survival horror game, Silent Hill 3. This game, as the name implies "Silent Hill 3", is the third series.The original game was first released for the PlayStation 2 platform. The game was later remastered for the PlayStation 3 platform. Konami is a Japanese company, which develops many franchises such as anime and slot machines. But mostly recognized as a game developing company.

What are the release dates for Atop the Fourth Wall - 2008 Silent Hill Dead Alive 5 3-43?

Atop the Fourth Wall - 2008 Silent Hill Dead Alive 5 3-43 was released on: USA: 18 October 2010

Is there swearing in silent hill downpour?

Yes, there is a bit of swearing, but not too extreme words. :3 The game's great! :)

What are the release dates for Atop the Fourth Wall - 2008 Silent Hill Dead Alive 1 and 2 3-41?

Atop the Fourth Wall - 2008 Silent Hill Dead Alive 1 and 2 3-41 was released on: USA: 4 October 2010

What are the release dates for Atop the Fourth Wall - 2008 Silent Hill Paint It Black 4-40?

Atop the Fourth Wall - 2008 Silent Hill Paint It Black 4-40 was released on: USA: 3 October 2011

Who are some of the stars in the movie Silent Hill 2?

Silent Hill 2 is a 2012 horror movie made in Canada, it is a 3-D film. Some of the stars of the movie are Sean Bean, Heather Marks, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Kit Harrington.

What is silent hill 3 about?

the story is about a girl named heather (she was in the silent hill 1 game)it has been 17 years i think from their visit to silent hill (in silent hill 1 they killed the girl named alesa and heathers real name is sheril and she is now older!)and know heather has something inside here (it is a a monster named god)and know a old woman named Claudia!and know she is trying to revenge and she killed heathers father ( hary mason ) and so heather will revenge the fathers death in the game and solve the past years and survive the horrors in game and in silent hill!yes the game has very good grapichs and sounds and music and bonuses it is great and many more stuff!i give it a 10/10 :D

Know any good horror games?

Fatal frame resident evil 1-2-3 silent hill obscure 1-2

What actors and actresses appeared in Silent Hill 3 - 2003?

The cast of Silent Hill 3 - 2003 includes: Donna Burke as Claudia Wolf Richard Grosse as Douglas Cartland Lenne Hardt as Confessor Matt Lagan as Leonard Wolf Thessaly Lerner as Lisa Garland Mike Matheson as Borley Mansion Guide Clifford Rippel as Father Vincent

What singer sang this song called Hometown from Silent Hill 3?

The singer who sang "Hometown" is Joe Romersa, who is not just a singer, but an actor, too. Google him. He is cool.

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