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you need to have th llama crown first you go to the dark cave then yoe inspect the door (your sim has to be wearing the crown)the door will open and you go through(you may need to have a rest or build a better bed)something will come up saying new plans dyes and you will have unlocked another part of the island

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You make them with stuff. You will need a Crafting Table 2 to craft them and its made out of hardwood.

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Q: Sims 2 castaway wii - how to unlock plans for dyes?
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Dye in The Sims 2 castaway?

Here's the deal with the dye - - - First of all, don't even worry about it until you have unlocked PLANS for more advanced clothing items...i.e. after you harvest Ti Leaves, etc. you will unlock more plans for clothing made with the plants you discover as you progress through the game. You can not dye the clothing until you have crafted the clothing on your CRAFTING BENCH. You need to go to your crafting bench and choose the "clothing plans". Make what you like there. If you are early in the game, you probably won't be able to make anything but shirts and pants...and you probably can't dye them anyways. Complete GOALS and identify new plants to unlock new clothing (and accessory) plans for your sims! There are 2 different ways to obtain dye. If you have unlocked the PLANS, you can make dye at the CRAFTING BENCH. Go to "special plans". If you unlocked the PLANS for dye, you will have the option to make 7 different colored dyes. Here are the resources you will need for the dyes: ALL: Crafting Bench, Creativity Skill: 7 Black Dye: Ash (10) Blue Dye: Blue Orchid (10) Brown Dye: Kukul Nut (10) Orange Dye: Orange Hibiscus (10) Purple Dye: Indigo Leaf (5), Purple Orchid (5), Pink Orchid (5) Red Dye: Strawberry (10) Yellow Dye: Yellow Hibiscus (10) - OR - If you have discovered any or all of your crewmates, you can switch to each of them, respectively, and walk them to the home tiki (make an emergency fire pit, build a fire, and build a home tiki) and sign them up for the job "collect resources". If you have made it far enough in the game, they will sometimes come home at the end of the day having collected dye in various colors. Then, when you make the clothes, go to your MENU and choose fashion and grooming. NOTE THAT SOME OF THE CLOTHING ITEMS, EVEN IF YOU HAVE CRAFTED THEM ON YOUR CRAFTING BENCH, CAN NOT BE DYED! If you can dye the clothing, you will be allowed to choose the color when you equip the clothing item. I hope this is helpful!

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