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Since Marijuana is illegal why do some people openly admit to smoking it?

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Because it is not illegal to admit you use it, it is only illegal if you get caught for possession, sale, under the influence or while using it.

2006-08-14 19:09:40
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Q: Since Marijuana is illegal why do some people openly admit to smoking it?
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Is smoking marijuana illegal in India?

Yes smoking marijuana is illegal in India. However, in some Hindu rituals marijuana is smoked and offered to god. The people intake a form of marijuana called as bhaang. Bhaang is made of marijuana leaves alongwith spices, almond and cold milk.In some holy cities of India like Varanasi, there are government authorized shops that sell bhaang.However smoking marijuana - yes, it is illegal.

Can you become sick after smoking too much marijuana?

Yes, some people do get sick from the effects of smoking and/or the marijuana.

What do people get into after smoking marijuana?

Clearly munchies.

How can people help or affect marijuana?

By smoking it...

When did people start smoking marijuana?

People have been smoking marijuana for as long as 7000 years ago, it has been discovered in ancient burials and evidence of smoking goes back that far as well.

What age can you start smoking weed?

You cannot smoke marijuana at any age: it is illegal. not in all states.....Some doctors use to help people.

Can other people smoking marijuana be detected on you?

Marijuana is very high in smell [hehe, pun] So yes. It will in fact be carried on through smell with you when you were in a room when people were/are smoking it.

How many people die from medical marijuana?

Zero. There are no records of death resulting from marijuana smoking.

If you are at a party where people are smoking marijuana but you are not using it can you be arrested?

IF youre not smoking you cant get arrested but if you are holding the marijuana or the piece your smoking out of you can get charged. in California you can get arrested, they have a thing called guilty by association

What keeps people smoking marijuana?

The people themselves. Unlike drugs like cocaine and heroine, marijuana is not chemically addictive.

What age do people start smoking weed?

People can start smoking Marijuana at any age. I personally started at 13. It is extremely common for people to experiment with marijuana in their teens or even when they're in college.

Is smoking illegal in US?

No smoking is not illegal but it is not recommended. Smoking can cause health problems like cancer. It is scientifically proven that smoking causes people to die at an earlier age.

What at age people start smoking marijuana?

i started at 12

Is marijuana legal in jamaca?

if you mean Jamaica, then no, it is contrary to popular belief. although it is illegal, overall enforcement is relatively lax, and people can get away with smoking for the most part.

Is secondhand marijuana harmful?

Of course it is! If you're around people smoking marijuana you will get the effects of the drug as well.

How many people in Australia use Marijuana?

marijuana is the most used illegal drug in austraila.

Should smoking be made illegal?

Yes, smoking is dangerous, and can hurt you and the people around you

How many people get lung disease from marijuana?

not that many as smoking a cigarette

Can you have hallucinations from smoking marijuana after having dextroamphetamine?

Some people hallucinate from just smoking marijuana, especially in larger amounts. Normally (but not always), this means that you have some pre-existing problem that marijuana is making worse.

Why is marijuana unhealthy for healthy people and good for people with medical problems?

One might argue that smoking marijuana is bad for your lungs, since smoking anything is bad for your lungs. As for marijuana specifically, there is no scientific evidence that using the drug is bad for one's health.

Should smoke be illegal?

Yes, smoking should be illegal. Many people are dying.

Can the effects of smoking weed lessen or better people with depression?

First of all; Marijuana is illegal and you should be using the substance anyway. And second of all drugs is NOT a way to deal with problems.

Why does one chose to smoke marijuana daily?

One chooses to smoke marijuana daily out of habit. While most people state that it is an addiction, in reality it is habit. Smoking cigarettes is an addiction, while smoking marijuana is a habit.

Can you smoke marijuana after you get a tongue percing?

You should wait until it is healed before smoking marijuana, just to be on the safe side. Many people believe that the "suction" caused by smoking marijuana can affect the healing process. Wait until your piercing is healed before smoking weed.

What age do people start smoking marijuana?

if your Matt tabke the age of 7