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Its probably because nuclear powerplants are too heavy for rockets. Though in theory nuclear powered space craft are an option. == The primary useful product of a nuclear reactor is heat. To use heat generated by a nuclear power plant to drive a conventional rocket isn't very practicle because the power to weight ratio is not very good. And when we wish to rocket ourselves out of the bottom of this gravity well, we need lots of power and minimal weight. The nuclear plant can't deliver the kind of performance that lends itself to the launch of space vehicles.

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What are two main types of rocket engines?

The two main types of rocket engines are Solid fuel rocket engines and Liquid fuel rocket engines.

Working principle of rocket engine?

A rocket engine, or simply "rocket," is a jet engine[1] that uses only propellant mass for forming its high speed propulsive jet. Rocket engines are reaction engines and obtain thrust in accordance with Newton's third law. Since they need no external material to form their jet, rocket engines can be used for spacecraft propulsion as well as terrestrial uses, such as missiles. Most rocket engines are internal combustion engines, although non combusting forms also exist.Rocket engines as a group, have the highest exhaust velocities, are by far the lightest, and are the most energy efficient (at least at very high speed) of all types of jet engines. However, for the thrust they give, due to the high exhaust velocity and relatively low specific energy of rocket propellant, they consume propellant very rapidly.

Why only rocket engines can be propelled to space?

Rocket engines are not air breathing engines and hence they can be propelled into space.

What is rocket cryogenic engines?

Rocket engine

What has the author W H Robbins written?

W. H. Robbins has written: 'An historical perspective of the NERVA nuclear rocket engine technology program' -- subject(s): Rocket engines

What are model rocket engines and what do they do?

Model rocket engines are reproductions of rocket engines that are scaled down to a much smaller size than the real thing. They usually don't do anything and are for display purposes.

What changes heat energy into kinetic energy?

dinosaurs ------------------------------------------------------------ To convert thermal energy into mechanical energy you need a heat engine, open or closed cycle. Different types of heat engines: Power Plants. Internal Combustion engines. Old train steam engines. Gas turbine engines. Rocket Engines. In nature: An exploding volcano. Wind, sea waves and sea currents kinetic energy comes from the sun's thermal radiation that hits the Earth.

How many engines does a rocket have?


When a rocket is launched is it physical chemical or nuclear change?


What are rocket boosters?

The engines for the space shuttle.

Why does a rocket have kinetic energy?

Kinetic energy is energy in use. So when a rocket is being used, it is releasing kinetic energy. Before a rocket is used, it has potential energy. Once ignited, the rocket is using kinetic energy.

How do the rocket engines on the Space Shuttle ignite?

As regards the main engines on the rocket, there is an ignitor associated with each rocket motor. An internal "blowtorch" of fuel and oxidizer in each engine is ignited with spark plugs.

What controls the thrust of a rocket?

Liquid rocket engines would act much like a car engine. More fuel, more thrust. Solid rocket engines are either on or off. No throttle control.

Can you give your sentences with the word nuclear power in it?

That rocket has NUCLEAR POWER!?

What has the author Douglas C Rapp written?

Douglas C. Rapp has written: 'Reliability assessment of thrust chamber cooling concepts using probabilistic analysis techniques' -- subject(s): Thrust, Monte Carlo method, Rocket engines 'High energy-density liquid rocket fuel performance' -- subject(s): Liquid propellants, Rocket engines

What is the energy source for a rocket?

Rocket fuels are used. It contains chemical energy

What is the difference between a rocket and the space shuttle?

Answer The Space Shuttle is a rocket. By definition, a Rocket is a vehicle that burns gas that it carries with it. Where as, a jet airplane burns the oxygen from the air and is not a rocket. The Rocket when it is launched has a liquid fuel rocket engines at the back end of it. It also has two long, solid fuel rocket engines that separate after launch. But the space shuttle is pulled by a rocket.

How many stages in a rocket engine?

It depends. Some rocket engines have a single stage, some have 3 or more. Staging allows for the overall weight of the vehicle to be reduced by dropping off parts of the rocket and continuing on with smaller rocket engines and less fuel.

Is rocket engines are internal combustion engines?

YES the oxidizer and propelant are mixed into a chamber the ignited.

Type of engine used to power space flights?

rocket engines,compared to jet engines

Which is a liquid fuel used in rocket engines?


What contains potassium nitrate?

model rocket engines

What are the disadvantages of liquid fuel rocket engines?

it bad

Does Target sell model rocket engines?

of course not!

What is the difference between a multistage rocket and a single stage rocket?

MULTISTAGE rocket ENGINES have MORE than A single STAGE and ARE more EFFICIENT in ACCELERATING the ROCKET................