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Sister died leaving proeprty to her momBefore probate was completed Mom died Can personal rep deed property to himself under mom's will who gives all to son?



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No, but I am making 2 assumptions. I take it that the sister's executor is the mother's beneficiary. I also assume that the mother survived any survivability period that might have been imposed by the will or statute. That being so, the property has vested in the mother, meaning it has become her property now. The only person who can transfer the deceased mother's property is the mother's executor. The correct procedure is for the sister's executor to make an executor's deed to the mother. Then the mother's executor will make a deed to the son. The fact that the mother died before the sister's executor made the deed to his mother does not deprive the mother of the property. The only way the property would not become the mother's is if the will required her to survive the sister by a certain period of time (as many wills do) and she failed to do so. But what happens then creates another problem which I won't go into here. Lastly, as always in probate matters you must check the laws of the state the probate is in.