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Alaska Airlines(808) 404-8990 Flight Reservations Number

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Q: Size of carry on on American airline?
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International flight carry- on rules?

Carry on size limitations vary from airline to airline. It is always best to check with the particular airline for their size limitations.

What is the carry on luggage size limits?

The answer is - It differs from airline to airline, and also across domestic and international airlines. You can refer to my article on Airline Carry on luggage size limits for more information :

What is the maximum size for carry on luggage?

This depends, check with your airline.

How many people can a aeroplane carry?

It depends on the airline and the size of the plane.

What are the size limits for carry on luggage?

The size limit for carry on luggage varies depending on the airline. The best way to find out is to either go to the airline's website or check online at a comparision site such as LuggageSource.

What size can a carry on be?

depends on the airline call or check their website most are 40 pounds and 45 inches

What is the weight of the carry on bags?

Carry on bags should weigh less than 40 lbs and the size should be 45 inches or less. However, you should check with the airline to verify their requirements as each airline is different.

What airline uses TS?

American Airlines uses TS due to the engine size.

How many passengers does Delta Airline carry per year?

As of 2012, Delta Airline carried almost 165 millions passengers per year. Delta Airline is already world's largest airline based on fleet size and passengers carried.

What size luggage can you carry on an airplane?

well it depends on the airline in which u are traveling. it may vary from 20 to 40 kg.

How big can a carry-on be?

It depends on the airline.

Where can one get an American Airline credit card?

One can acquire an American Airline credit card from the American Airline company. In order to get said card, one can go to the nearest American Airline agency.

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