Size of digital camera internal memory and is a memory card necessary?

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most digital cameras come with a very small internal memory, allowing you to take anywhere from 10-25 pictures.
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Should I leave memory card in digital camera?

I do. Doesn't seem to hurt it at all. I've been using this one for about three years now with NO problems. When it gets full I just download the pictures onto my computer then delete them from the memory card.. If you don't want your computer plugged up with alot of picture files, transfer them fro ( Full Answer )

How many 7 megapixel images can a 2GB memory card hold in a digital camera?

It really depends on what quality and resolution settings you choose on the camera, when i went on holiday to Paris 3 weeks ago i took a 7.1 MP Samsung camera with a 2gb SD card in and turned all of the settings to the highest level (for editing purposes) Each photo took up between 2 and 3MB of memo ( Full Answer )

How do you download pictures from the internal memory of the sony digital camera?

Try by removing the memory stick and then attaching the camera to computer with USB cable. Switch on camera. It should open up a dialogue box in Windows XP (or similar OS). Select 'open folder to view file' or open Windows Explorer and open camera folder (probably displayed as new drive E: or like t ( Full Answer )

How many photos fit on a 4GB memory card in a 10-megapixel digital camera?

A 10-megapixel image in JPEG format takes up about 2,5 Mb of space (can vary depending on the quality of the photo). That means you should be able to fit about 1600 pictures on a 4Gb card. Every digital camera displays the number of pictures you can store on the current card. **** See also Ho ( Full Answer )

What is a memory card in a camera?

Some cameras have permanent memory chips where they store the pictures until you download them. A memory card is a removable "card" which is basically a portable mass storage device that you can take out and plug in to your computer and download your pictures or some printers have slots to put them ( Full Answer )

How many pictures on 4GB memory card in 12.3 mega pixel digital camera?

It depends entirely on the camera setting for the pictures you're taking. You can set the camera to take hi-resolution pictures, in which case you can take fewer pictures, or lower resolutions, letting you take more pictures. Generally you want higher resolution as you can edit them and there's no c ( Full Answer )

How do you delete memory card from digital camera?

If you mean REMOVE memory card. The memory card is usually under a flap which when opened reveals the memory card, push the card as if pushing it in and it will release the card. Some times the batteries are also housed in the same compartment.. If you mean erase (FORMAT) the card, this facility sh ( Full Answer )

Why doesnt the 4gb memory card work in your digital camera?

It's likely that your 4GB card is an "SDHC" card, and your camera is an older camera that was designed before the SDHC format came out. Although SDHC cards look exactly like standard SD cards, they are not. If your camera is a few years old, only SD cards of 2GB or less (standard SD cards) will wo ( Full Answer )

How do you transfer memory from camera memory card?

Cameras use SD cards. If it is too small, they usually come with a slot adapter which you put in the card in. Then you put the adapter in an SD port, assuming your computer has an SD port. If it does not, then you must connect it via other means such as USB.

How do you take out a memory card from a camera?

There will be a hatch on the side or the base, flick it open, and either push the memory card until it unlocks or press the slide in the direction of the arrow. Your best bet is to get hold of a manual for your particular model (try the manufacturer's website if you don't have one - they can ofte ( Full Answer )

How do you remove memory card write protected from digital camera?

When you have a memory card inside the camera you have to press down on it. it should pop out easily. if not you may have inserted the card incorrectly. in this case you should contact the camera manufacturer or go to get it repaired.

Why can't a digital camera hold pictures without a memory card?

The memory card is what the digital files are stored on. If you have no memory card in your camera there is nowhere for the camera to store the files. It is like not putting a film in a film camera or trying to burn a CD with no CD inserted to the drive. No Some digital cameras have internal memor ( Full Answer )

Why do you need a memory card for a digital camera?

well, pictures need to be stored SOMEWHERE on your camera, right? just like how our memories store information, memory cards store the pictures you take. a camera without a memory card is about as good as no camera at all.

How do you format a memory card on digital cameras?

you click set and keep scrolling right untill it says do you want to format your memory? then you click set again ( because that means ok and if not just click ok ) and there you have it your memory card was formated:)

What if the camera has no internal memory?

Most digital camera's on the market nowadays need a internal memory card. These may come in various forms like compact flash, SD cards, Memory sticks, etc. You will need to find the brand and model to help you find out what kind of memory card you will need. Most digital camera's will tell you wh ( Full Answer )

How many pictures on 4GB memory card in 16 mega pixel digital camera?

It depends on the format that pictures are being saved and the quality in which you're saving them. . If you're using uncompressed RAW (24 bits per pixel) format, then it's about ~70. . If you're using a kind of compressed format then it depends on the format and the quality. For JPEG, at 100% ( Full Answer )

How do you get a memory card out of a camera?

It may be in a place in your camera that has an opening, not the place to charge, but a bigger place perhaphs. In the corner there is a little card, 1 inch-2 and that may be, if there is nothing there, Then you bought the camera without the memory card best place to buy them : Best Buy, Rite Aid, i ( Full Answer )

What size memory cards do Nikon cameras support?

The model of Nikon camera will determine the specific memory cards that are approved for use. Most Nikon cameras support a wide range of memory card sizes from 512 MB to 8 GB and up.

Which is a very good brand for a digital camera memory card?

Sony is a very good company which sells good memory cards. They come in 8 Giga Bytes, 16 Giga Bytes and 32 Giga Bytes. They also come in a larger capacity but they are not popular. Best Buy and Walmart carry Sony digital camera memory cards.

How can a camera memory card be erased?

To delete the information from a memory card, you need to plug it into a device and move all the items on the memory card over to the trash can on that device. This will delete it from the memory card.

Where can a digital camera memory card be bought?

A digital memory card can be bought from a variety of stores. These include electronic stores, computing stores, large stationary stores and even some large supermarkets.

What are camera memory cards used for?

Camera memory cards are used in digital camera to store all of the data for the photos. The information can then be transferred onto a computer to allow the photos to be shared or viewed.

Which digital cameras have the most memory?

Digital cameras usually have external memory cards that can hold many picture files. There are different types of cards with different memory sizes ranging from 2 gb to 64 gb.

How do you Recover Lost Picture from Digital Camera Memory Card?

Have you ever tried to delete your camera memory card photosmistakenly and find there is no data copy left on other places? Infact, last Saturday, I did have experienced this problem anddeleted many of my precious pictures of the last year. I was reallydepressed and regretful at first. But, I didn't ( Full Answer )