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Size of pokemon cards?

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They're bigger than Yugioh Cards. Same Size As Magic The Gathering Cards

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Are Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon Cards the same size?

Pokemon cards r 0.3 1/2 cm bigger Sorry to disappoint you😔

Are there shadow Pokemon cards?

There is not shadow Pokemon card but there is dark Pokemon cards.

Why do some Pokemon cards not have levels on them?

i dont know. can you tell me what pokemon cards you have. The level is one of the things that defines old pokemon cards from new pokemon cards. (I think.)

What are shadowless Pokemon cards?

shadowless Pokemon cards are very rare and they have no shadows I HAVE THE COMPLETE COLLECTION OF SHADOWLESS POKEMON CARDS

Who owns Pokemon cards?

Most pokemon fans have at least one pack of pokemon cards. But in my case i have over 250 cards.

How many cards are in a small pack of Pokemon cards?

It is said to have 11 cards in a single booster pack of Pokemon cards.

The year of Pokemon cards?

Pokemon Cards were released in America in 1998.

Does sears sell Pokemon cards?

no sears does not sell Pokemon cards

How much is 355 Pokemon cards worth?

It depends what the Pokemon cards are.

What is the size of an adrenalyn XL cards?

Adrenalyn XL cards are the typical size of all cards.

Pokemon cards what does SP mean on the cards?

it is where the Pokemon is a gym leaders Pokemon an elite 4s Pokemon or team galactic Pokemon

Are Pokemon trainer cards rare?

No they are not. I have been collecting Pokemon cards for almost my whole life and majority of the cards are trainer cards.

Can you get free Pokemon cards?

There is a possiblity that someone will give you free pokemon cards.

What are Pokemon cards with g on them?

Pokemon cards with g on them means it is from team galactic

How many Arceus Pokemon cards are there?

There are 12 different Pokemon cards that have Arceus on them.

What is the max hp for Pokemon cards?

The max HP for Pokemon cards are 200HP

Does Sam's Club sell Pokemon cards?

do sams sell pokemon cards

Can you buy Pokemon cards at wallgreens?

Yes, you can buy Pokemon cards at Walgreens.

What does LV stand for on Pokemon cards?

LV stands for level in Pokemon cards.

Are Pokemon in yu-gi-oh cards?

No. there are Pokemon cards. then there ar yugioh cards. they are different

How do you tell the level of some Pokemon cards?

Some Pokemon don't have levels.But some cards have levels on the top of the cards.

Do you sell Pokemon cards?

You can collect Pokemon cards like baseball cards. Ex. Keep cards when you are really young so when you get old, you can sell the cards for big money.

What are rare Pokemon cards?

Pokemon cards with a star in the bottom right hand corner

Where is the best place to get Pokemon cards?

The best place to buy Pokemon cards are at toysrus.

What is the best website for getting free Pokemon cards in the mail?

free pokemon cards

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