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you need p185/75/r14 i have a 93 cutlass ciera and that's whats on mine.


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First off you should not install tires that are not the correct size. But if you do, make sure the tires on each axle are both the same size. Both front tires same size, and both rear tires same size.

Tires come in every possible size you could imagine.

Tires Size - 215/60/R15" Rim Size - 15 inches

form_title= Tire Size Calculator form_header= Drive with the right size tires Want size tires do you currently have?*= _ [50] When were your tires last replaced?*= _ [50] Do you want to change tire size?*= () Yes () No

All the tires should be the same size. If the other tires are in place you should be able to get the size from the other tires. If not the size should be on a plate inside the drivers side door with many other specs.

15 inch tires the exact size was 215/75R15

By ratio if you mean size, the answer is no unless the car comes from the factory with a different size rear tires than front tires like some sports cars. In that case you would have 2 tires the same size on the front and 2 tires another size on the rear. You should never ever run 2 different size tires on the same axle. Therefore you would never have a situation where you would have 3 tires one size and then 1 tire another size.

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If all four tires on an MTB bicycle are 26 by 2.10, they are the same size.

If the tires are the same size then yes.

Car tires vary greatly based on rim size. Smaller tires are cheaper than large tires. Firestone tires for a mid size sedan range from about $60 to $100.

Yes tires and rims are correlated based on the size of the tires you are looking for. While you can interchange rims and tires as long as they are the same size you will need to ask your mechanic or repair service center if you have an unusual size rim.

I have a 1995 ford windstar gl and wondering what size of tires I can get for it

You need the tires that are most appropriate for your car.

P155/60TR15.0BSW AS front tires 175/55 rear tires

Almost all tires sold today are tubeless tires. The coast varies widely form size to size, and type tire.

Sure, you can balance the tires. Any place that sells tires can balance your tires. You cannot rotate the tires as you have already stated they are not the same size. Balance but do not rotate.

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31 inch tires would fit on a 91 Wrangler, but only for casual driving. It would limit your off road capabilities greatly because you will not have the clearance in the fenders.

P245/60R18 are the size tires needed for a 2002 Isuzu Rodeo. Michelin and Goodyear are great tires for the 2002 Isuzu Rodeo.

The size of tires you need is usually on a decal on driver door frame. The sizes on tires are printed in large letters on each side of the tire.

Are you serious? The size of the lift has nothing to do with what gears you need, it is the size of the tires, what engine you have, and what size tires were originally on the vehicle.

Preferably the same size. Just because they are winter tires it doesn't alter the size requirements.

The rim size must match the tires unless you also change the rims to match the tires.

Tires, yes if they are the correct size. Wheels, no.

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