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5 mm

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Q: Size wire for running 240v 130 amps mig welder?
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How do you connect 220 v wire to a welder plug?

You first have to determine how many amps the welder draws. From this amperage, the correct wire size is determined. Depending on what the wire size is governs the size of the breaker to be used.

How many amps equal 7 killowatts?

It depends on the voltage source in question. watts = volts * volts / resistance and amps = volts / resistance example 1: Producing 7kW from a 120V source will require a resistor of size: 120V*120V/7000W = 2.05 Ohm And this will pull 120V/2.05Ohm = 58.3 Amps of current. example 2: Producing 7kW from a 240V source will require a resistor of size: 240V*240V/7000W = 8.23 Ohm And this will pull 240V/8.23Ohm = 29.2 Amps of current.

600 watts requires how many amps?

It depends on the voltage source. watts = voltage * voltage / resistance and amps = voltage / resistance example 1: To produce 600W from a 120V source, you need a resistor of size 120V*120V/600W = 24 Ohm. This would pull 120V/24 Ohm = 5 amps. example 2: To produce 600W from a 240V source, you need a resistor of size 240V*240V/600W = 96 Ohm. This would pull 240V/96 Ohm = 2.5 amps.

How can you measure power using ammeter and voltmeter?

Power= Volts X Amps. E.G. An electric heater element running on a 240V power supply, drawing 10 Amps. 240V X 10A = 2400 Watts, or 2.4 kW.

What size wire do you need for 220 for a welder?

Wire size depends on amps. Use #10 for 30a. #8 for 40 or 50a. #6 for 60a.

Convert 140va at 240v equals amps?


What size generator would you need to power a 200 amp tig welder?

Generators are rated in watts or kilowatts. The formula for watts is W = Amps x Volts. To size a generator for the welder the voltage of the machine must be stated.

What size wire do you need for 440 three phase welder on an eight foot run?

The wire size depends on the amperage, not the voltage. The fact that the welder runs on 440 volts does not affect the wire size! You need to ask this question instead: What size wire do you need for a three phase welder on an eight foot run if the nameplate amps are 45A?

Can you hook your 220 welder to your 5000 watt generator?

You will have to check the amperage draw of the welder, it should be on the welder nameplate. Use this formula Amps = Watts / Volts. 5000/220 = 22.7 amps. If you welder draws more that this figure then the generator will overload.

Does a 31watt 240v motor draw 0.13 amps?

yes, 31watt divide 240v equals to 0.13amps.

Is it possible to convert a 120V receptacle on a power generator to a 240V receptacle?

You can using a transformer, but you won't have as many amps available. 5000 watt generator @ 120v = 41.66 amps 5000 watts / 240v = 20.83 amps

What is 50va at 240v in amps?

In 50 VA the V stands for volts and the A is for amps. Hence the formula you are looking for is 50/240 = Amps.

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