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Instruction manuel for setting atomic clock sio/scan model86722

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What do the the two battery symbols means on the screen

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Q: Skyscan atomic clock model 86722ALU instructions?
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Model86722alu outside temp not working readsofl?

Skyscan Atomic Clock Model 86722ALU needs a reset after a battery change, or needs a battery change.

Instructions for skyscan atomic clock model 26600?

Iam also thinging about it.... but friend i dont know....

How do you find instructions for SkyScan Atomic Clock model 31310?

Instructions for SioScan atomic clock Model 86715?

I have a SKYSCAN Atomic Clock MODEL 86715 and I cannot find a Manual for it, please help. Jim Woods Thank you

How do you find instructions for the Skyscan atomic clock model 87315?

Skyscan model 87315 does not have a manual on the Skyscan website. Use the manual for model 87310 and skip over the temperature transmitter instructions. The instructions for the setup buttons on the back work for 87315. I received the following in an email from the SkyScan website customer service. The clock referenced has a different frame, but the same functions and displays. You can use the manual for model 86730 this is the upgrade from your model and the functions are the same.

How do you find insructions for Skyscan atomic clock model 87315?

go to skyscaninfo to get it

Instuctions for SkyScan Atomic clock model 87801?

This doesn't answer the question. We can't refer them to another link. Please revise, remove this comment, and resubmit. The instructions for the SkyScan Atomic clock model 87801 can be found here in the form of a .pdf document: included in this manual is the 87800 model; this manual covers both clocks.

Instructions to set skycam 86722alu clock?

After changing batteries and moving the clock the outside temp still does not register. could the remote have goe bad. It has worked for years.

Where can I obtain instructions for the operation of a Atomic clock? This has the instructions for your atomic clock.

SkyScan Atomic clock model 86715?

86715 is 2 mins slow. How to correct it.

How to set central standard time on Sky Scan 87700?

Here is a link to the manual.... ""

Instructions for SkyScan Atomic Clock 88900?

I Have one of your atomic clocks,model number 88900, and on it right now i am getting two black battery symbols, one says TX on it, and the other one say RX can you tell me what this means please, and I also keep loosing the outside tempature reading, for small bit then it comes back on it.