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Slaters have primitive lung-like structures in two of their pleopods and a lower humidity gradient. Therefore, loose water vapor at a much reduced rate. They require a high moisture level in their environment.

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Why can't raisins spoil?

They can, but not easily. Raisins have a high level of sugar and a low level of moisture, which is not an environment most bacteria like.

The lowest level of environment complexity that includes living and nonliving factors is the?


Does moisture stress and drought mean the same?

No. Moisture stress can be a result of drought. Moisture stress results when the level of water in the plant cell reduces to less than normal levels. This happens when there is an environment deficient of water (like a drought condition)

What level of organization best describes a group of living organisms and their abiotic environment?

an ecosystem

What factors influence how much a horse drinks?

The temperature and humidity of the horse's environment, the moisture level of the horse's food, as well as how active the horse is.

Why it is necessary for a living being to maintain its internal environment at a fairly constant level?

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What non living factors affect cactus growth?

One non living factor that affects cactus growth is slow draining soil. A cactus plant prefers free draining soil that holds some moisture. It doesn't tolerate waterlogging. Another non living factor is the level of heat, light, and moisture. A cactus plant likes high heat in the desert and jungle, high light and low moisture in the desert, and low light and high moisture in the jungle.

What level of organization is defined as a living thing that can function on its own with the ability to reproduce respond to environment stimuli maintain an internal environment and metabolize food?


How do rainforests maintain such a high level of moisture?

The zone where they are located contributes to the amount of rain that falls there and also to the high level of moisture.

What is the denotative and connotative meaning of clouds?

Denotative= has a higher moisture level than other clouds. connotative= has a lower moisture level

What is the level of moisture in parmesan cheese?


Moisture in the water cycle?

Amount of water in air determines moisture. It determines the level of humidity.

What causes the air to be humid?

Moisture, the higher level of moisture in the air, the higher level of humidity it is. That's why when you walk into a green house it's hot and humid, the higher level of moisture in the air can sometimes make it difficult to breathe, ie. in a steam room.

What is the moisture level in the air called?

The "relative humidity"

Which level of organization includes living and no nonliving?

Biotic is the level of living but no living things.

Would mold grow in warm places?

Temperature is less important than moisture level, for mold to grow. Though, if your moist environment is warm, mold will grow faster there than it will someplace that is cold.

Why is pH important to living organisms?

pH is important to living organisms because organisms can only live when the pH is at a certain level. If an environment is too acidic or too alkaline an organism will not be able to live.

What level of organization is a living thing that can function on its own with the ability to reproduce respond to environmental stimuli maintain an internal environment and metabolize food?


What is definition of retail environment?

A retail environment is the environment in which things are sold on a commercial level.

How do protist maintain homeostasis?

Must live in moist environment • adjust to moisture level-contractile vacuoles pump out water, for example • Produce spores to keep from drying out under less-than-ideal conditions

Does white bread have a higher moisture level than wheat bread?

=im not sure...but i have a science project on bread mold and i have been reasearching like crazy and i think that white does have a higher moisture level=

Most living things share certain characteristics why are they?

Characteristics of living things are: -organized cell:DNA -adapt and evolve -grow and develop: mitosis -reproduce: meiosis -homeostasis: balance -metabolism: energy -adjust to environment: stimulus and response The reason living things are these characteristics is so that they can maintain homeostasis (balance in the cell level and organismal level).

What is the advantage of studying the environment at the ecosystem level?

An advantage of studying the environment at the ecosystem level is knowing all of the phenomenon that occur in the biosphere. It can also tell how the environment affect humans.

What is home environment?

Environment is outlook and the level of the particular area.. And home environment means what is the state of a home..

What is the pH level of design essentials moisture retention conditioning shampoo?