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Slaves were helped in their attempts to gain freedom by?

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Slaves were helped in their attempts to gain freedom by the?

.the abolitionists

The slaves were helped in their attempts to gain freedom by the?


Who helped slaves in their attempt to gain freedom?


What did the North think about slaves?

The North had less use for slaves than the South did, and many Northern people helped slaves gain freedom.

How could slaves gain their freedom in Muslim society?

In Muslim society, slaves could gain their freedom by buying their freedom. Additionally, female slaves could gain freedom by marrying a Muslim owner.

What is the name of the system that helped slaves escape and gain their freedom?

In the US it was called the Underground Railroad

What did slaves do to gain freedom?

They had to have an education.

Could Greek slaves gain their freedom?


What did Black Slaves gain by coming to Canada?


How slaves gain their freedom?

During times of slavery, slaves could gain their freedom if the slave's owner tore up their documents on being a slave and decided to let them be free. That is all I know

Who helped America gain its freedom from England?


What could be done to gain ancient Chinese slaves freedom?

Idrk . :)

How could slaves gain their freedom?

Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves in the American civil war in the 1850s.

How did slaves gain their freedom from their owners?

they gain their freedom by Education. Owners did not want slaves to be educated because education make them slaves, understand newspapers, and be smart. after slaves leaned anyway how to read and write, they began to understand the issues involved with slavery and begain to form movements to force the government enact laws. slaves fought for their freedom through movements, movements, movements.

Why did the underground railroad get started?

The underground railroad was started to help black slaves from the southern get to Canada to gain their freedom. It was very dangerous and many people were killed, but because of the brave people who helped transport the slaves many were granted their freedom and a chance to start over in Canada.

How did most slaves gain their freedom in 1850?

Most slaves gained their freedom in 1850 by self-purchase. After the slave had scraped by and earned enough to purchase their freedom, they searched for and purchased their own families.

What did black people gain from emacipation?

Emancipation declared the freedom of all slaves

What did America gain from civil war?

Well, for one, slaves in America gained their freedom

What country did the US help Panama gain its freedom from?

The US helped Panama gain its freedom from Colombia. The US did this so that they could build the Panama Canal.

How did some enslaved people in new Netherland gain freedom?

the dutch west India company freed them. other slaves were able to buy their freedom. former slaves were not completely free

A narrative account of the number of slaves who used the Underground Railroad to gain their freedom?

6 history

Who made Abraham Lincolns bad?

There was no person who made Abraham Lincoln bad. In fact, he is thought by most people to have been a very good person. He was a beloved president who helped gain freedom for slaves.

Former slaves did not gain the freedom to do what during reconstruction?

Former slaves slowly received the same rights as white citizens following the Civil War, although slowly. With the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery, Blacks could vote, marry, and own property, although this marked the initial attempts by Southern States to restrict these same rights.

How did Equiano gain his freedom and what did he do with his life once he was freed?

He gained his freedom by learning how to read and write and he helped people better their lives.

What did George Washington do for us?

Well George Washington helped us to gain our freedom and independence.