Ruskin Bond

Slum children at play by Ruskin Bond summary?

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what is that these children inherit from their parents ?what does it signify.

Slum children are no different from rich children other than they are unfortunate and put in a crappy situation. They are just as smart as rich children and should be treated as such.ANSWER:Rich or poor you teach the ones who want to learn.

No. A slum typically refers to a rundown urban community where the residents are poor and the community is not well maintained. An orphanage is a facility where homeless children are kept until they can be adopted to a family.

4 Books, How the other half lives, the battle with the slum, children of the poor, children of the tenement

Orher term for slum note

A slum in Brazil is much the same as a slum in South Africa, India or turkey, except for language

A slum is a slum because someone perceived the people to be abnormal

The entire city is one big slum.

tell me imformation about cleanliness among the slum dwellers

The theme of poverty is principal to the poem "An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum." Spender creates a crisp image of children in poverty through his descriptions of dire situations and mal-nourished students, revealing a sad, hidden segment of society that was prevalent throughout the world. He is not commenting directly on any particular nation in his poem; instead, he exposes the widespread neglect of children of all nationalities, races, and ethnicities. It is poverty that has caused the students in "An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum" to be "weighed-down," "paper-seeming," diseased, and "twisted." Spender believes this poverty is created through the oppressive power of capitalism.

Poverty means poor, so child poverty is poor children. The movie shows child poverty by showing how the children lived in the slums and the houses they had to live in. The slum showed in the movie is a real slum that real people actually live in, located in India. It is the slum that the child actors live in. It's sad to think people have to live that way.

It might be the Dharavi slum of Mumbai.

World's Largest slum is not DHARAVI but it is in KIBERA (in Nairobi. keniya)

They usually eat rice and if lucky daal. Daal is a watery substance that Indians usually have with rice.

A slum is really a part of a city that is considered lower class. However to be more critical, a slum is the ghetto, dirty, poor part of the city.

The biggest slum in mumbai is Dharavi. Its population is between 600, 000.

Slum Village - album - was created in 2005.

You have your answer in your question. Any one who lives in a slum is not doing well economically. They are poor. People live where they can afford and no one rushes to live in a slum.

One painter of slum dwellers was the Spanish Bartolomé Murillo 1617-1682.

to make a slum note first you going to sign or write your name and then answer the next qoustion

Somewhere between 1 and 5 billion, depending on how you define "slum".

In 1948, Mother Teresa left the Sisters of Loretto and started a school in the slums to teach the children of the poor.

The largest slum population in Europe is: Latvia which has bad environment for people and mostly slums.

A slum is a very large area that is covered in little huts. Mumbai is a spot that has 6% of their land covered in slums

The cast of A Slum Symphony - 2010 includes: Gustavo Dudamel as himself

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