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Ruskin Bond is an Indian author. He is most well known for his work Room on the Roof.

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Ruskin Bond

Explanation of the last truck ride' by Ruskin Bond?


Ruskin Bond

What is ruskin bond's contribution to society?

He is a famous Indian writer.

Ruskin Bond

What is the best short story by Ruskin Bond?

The eyes have it

Ruskin Bond

What is a summary of the thief-ruskin bond?

This story tells us how love and kindness can change a theif or a criminal. Arun a young lad of 15 who is kind ,considerable and sympathetic person and the other fellow 'The Thief' who is thief by profession joins Arun in a view to rob him. One day Arun was watching a wrestling match where the thief tries to get into conversation with him and finally wins Arun's confidence and joins with him in a view to rob him .He finds his master a saintly person and of a trusting nature.So, he thinks he will be an easy victim. He joins him as a cook but does not know how to cook.Arun being of kind person teaches him how to cook and he even teaches him how to read and write. Arun never questions the theif about his purchases he make the thief became very fond of his masters goodness and nobility.One day Arun came with a wad of notes and kept it under his mattress the thief watches him clearly and is tempted to steal his money. He is successful in his operation and runs away but his conscience and his feeling of grattitude brings him back to Arun he feels ashamed of his act.Arun knows about the whole act as the notes were still wet from last nights rain but he doesnt give any impression that he knows about it.Arun knows that he has betrayed his masters trust but Arun never made any issue out of it. this sympathetic attitude of arun had a great impression on the thief. so, the thief changes into a good man.

Ruskin Bond

Who is the main character of the room on the roof by Ruskin Bond?

The main character of the book is Rusty, a 16 year old Anglo-Indian boy. He is an orphan so he lives with his English guardian.

Ruskin Bond

Can i get Ruskin Bond contact details?

You can contact Ruskin Bonds either on his telephone or email. His phone number is 91-2631143 and email address is

Ruskin Bond

What is the summary of the poem tigers forever by Ruskin Bond?

THE TIGERS FOREVER BY RUSKIN BOND IS A poem which tells about the tigers who are being extinct from this and if there is no tiger in this world then after sometimes we would also be not there in this beautiful world of nature

Ruskin Bond

Summary of the hidden pool by Ruskin Bond?

what are the character in spring festival

Ruskin Bond

Summary of the eyes have it by Ruskin Bond?

Ruskin Bond

Summary of the cherry tree by Ruskin Bond?

summary of cherry tree by ruskin


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Ruskin Bond

What is a summary of Pret in the House by Ruskin Bond?

Here is a summary of A Pret in the House:

A young boy lives in a house next to a tree that overlooks the road. A Pret (which seems to be a mischievous ghost) lives in the tree, and pulls pranks on people walking or driving their carts or cars underneath.

One day, the government cuts down the tree to widen the road, and so the Pret, deprived of its tree, moves into the house and starts playing pranks on the family.

Things get so bad that they are determined to move away, so they pack everything up into their car, and as they drive, they hear ghostly laughter, and realize that the Pret is coming along with them to a new house.

Ruskin Bond

Summary of the poem the owl by Ruskin Bond?

it means that the owl has the right to hoot and it does not bring any bad lucks its hoot is much softer than a peacock call it glides over the mountains and say all,s well all,s well all,s well so we don,t have to fear about THE OWL.

Ruskin Bond

What is the book 'The Room on the Roof' by Ruskin Bond about?

lRusty, a young lad, 17 years old is an Anglo-Indian looked after by an another Anglo-Indian . He had lost his parents when very young and is the only young boy among his neighbors.

His guardian(Mr John Harrison) is one among those rigid Britishers who dislikes Indians and their standards of living .There is a separate market for the Anglo-Indians and Rusty is not permitted by the Anglo-Indians to even peek at the Indian bazaar . A sweeper boy, an untouchable, is the only young Indian whom Rusty has ever met. Rusty is keen on exploring the Indian bazaar and the other colorful side of Dehra,a town in North India where Rusty resides. To fulfill his desire Rusty makes frequent visits to the bazaar secretly but is caught ,as expected. He becomes friends with Somi,Kishen and Ranbir. As his guardian, as thrown him out of the house, he goes on to reside with his friend Somi for a few days. Somi helps Rusty to get a job.To earn a living, he becomes Kishen's tutor. Kishen's mum Ms Meera Kapoor is a very kind lady who later on offers him a room on their roof. That room is really simple, 4 walls, a window and a bed. Ms Meena Kapoor's husband is a rich drunk man. Once, all of them decide to go for a picnic to the nearby hills. Meena and Rusty fall for each other.This book is great to read ,keeps the reader tottaly engrossed. Young or old , this is the book for all. Totally intriguing!

Rusty's character is very much inspired from the real life of Ruskin Bond.

This was his first book in The Rusty Series.

If you have read this book...then you must also read:

The Boy from the Hills

Rusty runs away

Rusty goes to London

In the 1990's there used to be a T.V show tittled 'Ek Tha Rusty'.

Ruskin Bond's best sellers:

The India I Love..(the best book ever)

The Flight of Piegeons

Ruskin Bond

What is the theme of the short story The kitemaker by Ruskin Bond?


Ruskin Bond

The summery of The Night Train At Deoli by Ruskin Bond?

Night Train at Deoli by Ruskin Bond (1990) (India)

The university student narrator tells of his train ride every summer to visit his grandmother.

In the early pre-dawn hours, the train stops at Deoli where "nothing ever happens." This sets

up the encounter between the boy and the young girl selling baskets. She is poor, barefoot,

thinly clothed, but "then those eyes, searching and eloquent, met mine." (2) He jumps off the

train to get closer and buys a basket. The train whistle brings him back. On his return trip to

Delhi, he sees her at the station again, and this time, he meets her and talks to her briefly.


The third time he vows to be bolder in expressing his feelings, but she is not there and no one

at the station can tell him where she is. His true feelings come out:

What could I do about finding a girl I had seen only twice, who had hardly spoken

to me, and about whom I knew nothing-absolutely nothing-but for whom I felt a

tenderness and responsibility that I had never felt before? (5)

The student fantasizes stopping at Deoli, getting off the train and looking for her, but he never

does. The final paragraph is written years later, in retrospect, "I never break my journey to

Deoli, but I pass through as often as I can" (6).

This story of first love is something every student has experienced. Especially college

students can identify with the class difference between the narrator and the basket girl. Even

girl students can imagine falling in love with a street vendor. And everyone can savor the

bitter sweetness of that feeling that has no expression.

Ruskin Bond

Who is the main character in Room on the Roof by Ruskin Bond?

The main character of "Room on the Roof" by Ruskin Bond is Rusty, a 16-year old Anglo-Indian.

Rusty- The Main Character. he ran from his house to india against Mr. john Harrison's wishes.

Somy and Ranbir and Suri- His friends

Kishan- He is Rusty's student who a spoilt son of Mrs. Meena kapoor and Mr. Kapoor.

Meena Kapoor- Rusty's love interest and mr. kapoor and kishan's wife and mother respectively.

Mr John Harrison- His British Guardian who always used to beat him when he broke his rules. He is the cousin of his dad and wanted rusty to be an englishmen.


Ruskin Bond

What is the summary of ghost trouble from Ruskin Bond children omnibus?

The story is about a Pret, a mischievous ghost that got into the house from a peepal tree nearby and enjoyed playing pranks with everyone in the house. The family decided to leave the place and move over to a new house but when they proceed to their new house the Pret also moves with them.

The family understands that the Ghost likes them and so they move back to their old house.

Ruskin Bond

When was the book The Room On The Roof by Ruskin Bond published?


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Ruskin Bond

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Ruskin Bond

Summaries of stories written by Ruskin Bond?


Ruskin Bond

What is a summary of Delhi Is Not Far by Ruskin Bond?

Arun lived in a 12x7 feet room on 1st floor of a building. He had nothing to do rather than writing books in Hindi, Urdu and English. Momentous things happen elsewhere, in the big cities of Nehru's India. In dull and dusty Pipalnagar, each day is like another, there is resignation but not despair . Even the dreams here are small: Deep Chand, the barber, will open a more up-to-date salon where he might, perhaps, give the Prime Minister a haircut; Pitamber will trade his cycle-rickshaw for the less demanding scooter-rickshaw; Aziz will be happy with a junk-shop in Chandni Chowk. Aside from them Arun thought of once writing a blockbuster and will take a express train from Pipalnagar to Delhi. He always has seeked reassurance in love: with a young prostitute, Kamla and with Suraj an orphan. He always thought, "My publisher has always given me ideas for how to make money but by selfish way." He once thought to use those ideas but soon forgot about it.

Ruskin Bond

What is a summary of the night of the millennium by Ruskin Bond?

Dont read it . I had nightmares of cannibals about a week from the day I read the story. Well the story is a short account of a computer whiz named Pasand who is eaten by a lady and her children. I am freaked out that this is 3:00 am i am writing and I live near a graveyard . Freaky , I heard something on my room

wait I ll see it whoa ! a man is there eating the bre ...

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Name and describe 3 types of bonds?

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Ruskin Bond

What is Ruskin bond's house address?

Ruskin Bond (19 May 1934 kausuali,himachal pradesh-) is an Indian author of British descent

he currently lives in Dehradun (mussoorie) a city in india.

Ruskin Bond

Summary of a story written by Ruskin Bond?

in going home to dehra daya ram a farmer


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