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An Illinois 1040 is a state income tax return. It includes income, taxes, exemptions just as a Federal Income tax return. An Illinois resident who files can also either receive a refund or have to pay.


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Form 1040 with the IRS is your personal income tax form. IRS stands for Internal Revenue Service. If you income is less than 100.000 a year, one might only have to fill out the more simple 1040 EZ from.

As a law abiding citizen I believe paying taxes is one of the most important obligation that I have to fulfill. In this case, I will sign up at Illinois Department of Revenue.

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Federal income tax return form- Form 1040.

The purpose of a 1040 ES form is to classify a group of americans into a certain tax bracket so that the irs can see if the itemized items are correct or not.

The 1040 tax form is a form the government uses to calculate how much taxes a person needs to pay or taxes the government owes back to someone. It uses equations from your income, charitable donations, and assets.

If you made money or expect a refund from the US Govt. you must file a 1040 form with the IRS. There are more than one type of 1040 forms, so you must choose the one that applies to you and your income situation.

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