Solve this riddle whatever falls it breaks whatever breaks it falls?

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The riddle goes like this-What falls, but does not break, and what breaks but does not fall? Night falls
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After the fall of which country did Yugoslavia break apart?

Answer . In 1991, Slovenia went solo, and that was the start for a civil war which resulted in 6 separate countries existing on their own today:. Croatia . Serbia and Montenegro . Bosnia and Herzegovina . Slovenia . Macedonia

Why is a falling glass less likely to break on carpet?

It is the force exerted within the glass when it hits the floor that breaks it.. If the glass falls on a hard floor like concrete then the force is very big because the floor has no "give." Effectively the bit of the glass that hits the floor stops instantly but the rest of the glass following behi ( Full Answer )

Did Fall Out Boy break up?

Pete Wentz said that they haven't broken up, and don't plan to. However, there is still a possibility, they just don't plan to. But in Kerrang! Magazine a couple of weeks ago all members of Fall Out Boy stated that they are taking a long break and MIGHT be back. :( Just thought i would add ( Full Answer )

Are Fall Out Boy breaking up?

no, of course not --Well, you're wrong, because they have split up. ='(((-- Edited by U_U =)

What falls but doesn't break and breaks but never falls?

Night falls, as in the expression meaning "night is approaching",but it doesn't break, as "night" is an abstract noun. And daybreaks, as in the expression "daybreak", meaning the time of dayduring which the sun first appears. However, "day", as well, is anabstract noun and cannot literally fall.

What do i do if my guinea pig's tooth breaks after a fall?

You could wait and see if it grows back. Or I would take it to the vet soon.. Yea, that, but you need to cut up its hay, feed it liquid through a sgrynge or eyedropper, and feed it lots of fruits and veggies. Give it extra TLC. a tooth normally takes from one to two weeks to fully gorw back. Good L ( Full Answer )

Why did law and order break down in Europe after the fall of Rome?

The breakdown of law and order was a problem of the Carolingian empire which was established by Charlemagne in 800, some 300 years after the fall of the western part of the Roman Empire. This was due to the problem of succession. Following Frankish custom, the empire was partitioned among the sons o ( Full Answer )

Is Fall out boy breaking up?

No, trust me as a big fan of Fall Out Boy, they're not breaking up they are taking a break to work on separate projects, Patrick - music producing pete - his family and various entreprenaural projects Andy - band and website. F**k city joe - his new side project band also with Andy! so in about two ( Full Answer )

How far of a fall does it take to break a bone?

It depends how strong your bones are, and how heavy you are. If you have really weak bones, then it will not take far, but if you have strong bones, it will take a bit more of a distance, falling out of a tree for example. If you land the right way, you could break a bone.

Why is it that night falls but day breaks?

Night falls onto the sky, as if the moon is crushing the light out of the horizen, but the Sun comes out of the horizon, as if breaking through. Makes sense if you think about it.

Why do boys fall for girls then break there hearts?

because they are stubborn. they change and realize there is better. because they are stubborn. they change and realize there is better. because they are stubborn. they change and realize there is better. because they are stubborn. they change and realize there is better

What does break one's fall mean?

To break one's fall means to provide some padding or support or other alleviation to keep one from simply slamming into the ground at full speed. Wrist injuries often result when people try to break their fall with their hands.

What words can you make with fall break?

Words that can be made from the letters "fall break" are: . a . able . abler . afar . ale . all . are . area . ark . baa . bake . baker . bale . baler . balk . ball . bar . bare . bark . be . beak . bear . befall . bell . blare . bleak . bra . ( Full Answer )

Is Falling Up breaking up?

I believe that every time you break up with somebody you are one step closer to finding your true love!. ^ Was not the answer to the question. No it does not mean the same thing!

Where and when did Fall Out Boy break up?

The band has not officially broken up. They're on hiatus, but some ambiguous tweets earlier this week were blown out of proportion. The band is 'taking a break', and they are unsure if/when the hiatus will end.

When did fall out boy break up?

There had been rumors saying that Fall Out Boy broke up. Pete Wentz specificly said that they're just taking a break from their music. They will continue again in 2012 he said.

Why do things break when they fall down?

When an object drops on the floor, the kinetic energy that collects as it falls is converted into oscillatory (vibratory) energy which disturbs the particles in the solid, breaking the bonds holding the particles together. The way in which something breaks depends on the point of impact and the heig ( Full Answer )

Can you break your arm if you fall on it?

Yes of course you can! if you are old or don't have the right amount of calcium in your bones... i once had a friend who tripped over my dog and broke his arm by landing on it from only 5 inch's up!

Why is it night falls and day breaks?

In ancient times darkness was thought to descend on the world and after a long interval daylight would break through the darkness. Or, on more of an observational level, the sun appears to "fall" below the horizon, bringing on night, and to "break free" of the horizon, bringing on day.

Why does your purse fall when you hit the breaks on your car?

Because at normal driving speed, everything in the car is moving at the same velocity. When you hit the brakes, only the car is decelerating. Everything else that is not attached to the car, either by seat belt (such as your body) or other restraining device is still moving at the initial velocity a ( Full Answer )

Can you break your butt falling on a brick?

Yes. You can brake your butt falling on a brick funny story, my friends and I where at the pool and there was a small bar on the pool my friend came and said "I WANT TO FLIP ON IT" and I said "be careful they are stair so hold on VERY tight" so she went and did the flip and of course she didn't hold ( Full Answer )

What to do if you fall over and break your ankle?

Broken ankles are very painful injuries and rarely life-threatening emergencies. Learn to recognize a broken ankle to decide how to respond to it. Signs and symptoms of a broken ankle: . pain (almost always present) . swelling . Check ABC's . Make sure the victim has an A irway, is B reat ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Breaking the Fall - 2010?

The cast of Breaking the Fall - 2010 includes: Michael Desrochers as Ian Wigfield John Kross as Bryan Nunes Micaela Mendicino as Annabelle Follet Amanda Mulligan as Lindsay Taryn Noelle as Elizabeth Sweeney Andrew Remillard as Liam Finn

How do you break your wrist by falling of a bed?

It is not so much the height of the fall, but how awkward the fallwas. Most people will try to break their fall by using their armsand hands, which is why wrist injuries are common.