Some Portuguese-Portuguese online dictionary

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Some Portuguese-Portuguese online dictionary
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Where can you get English dictionary on line?

If you search google for 'online dictionary' you will find several, some you can download some you can just use online.

Where can one find the biggest dictionary online?

There are many big dictionaries online. Some of these dictionaries include the Dictionary, the Oxford English Dictionary, Vocabulary, and the Merriam-Webster Online.

Where can find Japanese to English dictionary online?

There are a number of places to find a Japanese to English dictionary online. Some of the best options include Denshi Jisho, Babylon and Heartful Dictionary.

What free online English dictionary is available besides Google Translate?

There are a number of free online English dictionaries available besides Google Translate. Some free dictionaries are 'The Free Dictionary', 'Oxford Dictionaries Online' and 'Collins Dictionary'.

How do you make an online dictionary?

Normally the method used for creating an online dictionary involves a database (the entries themselves) and some form of script that pulls from the database and displays them. The dictionary creating I've heard of requires some knowledge of the programming languages PHP and MySQL.

Where might someone find the definition of tumescent online?

There are a number of online dictionaries one can use to find the definition of tumescent online. Some online dictionaries include The Free Dictionary, Oxford Dictionaries, One Look and Your Dictionary.

What are some of the available online dictionaries?

There are many online dictionaries on the web today. The more known one is Dictionary (dot) (com). However there are many others such as; Collins dictionary, Oxford, Long Man dictionary, and Merriam-Webster.

Where might a person find the definition of the word anticipation?

The definition of the word anticipation can be found in a dictionary. Some dictionaries that offer both a paper and an online version are, Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Oxford Dictionary and Cambridge Dictionary.

Where can one find more information about scatters?

One can find information about scatters in most online dictionary. Some of these websites include Thesaurus, The Free Dictionary and Dictionary Reference dot com.

What is of the meaning Scenary in Webster online dictionary?

First off, the word is misspelled, it's "scenery", not "scenary". According to Webster's Online dictionary, some of the synomyms to the word scenery are: Mettle, make-up, life and landscape.

Where can a person get some examples of exaggeration online?

One can get exaggerations online using an online dictionary. Exaggerations are also known as hyperbole's. Exaggerations are part of figurative language.

What are some free online dictionaries that can be used to translate French words to English?

One would use a French-English dictionary to translate words from French to English. Some online French-English dictionaries include Word Reference and the dictionary hosted at French Linguistics.