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The question is not specifically asking how many months have "exactly" 30 days.

11 months have "at least" 30 days. There are four months that do have exactly 30 days, and there are at least five different versions of this riddle.

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Q: Some months October for example have 31 days Only February except in a leap year has precisely 28 days How many months have 30 days?
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How much day does October have?

30 days have September April June and November, all the rest have 31 ... except february alone which has 28 days clear and 29 in each leap year which means october has 31 days :)

What months in Spanish have three syllables?

January, February, June, July, August, September, October, November and December. That is, every month except March, April, and May; they have two syllables in Spanish.

28 d in f except a l y?

28 Days in February except in a Leap Year

Twenty eight days February?

Except leap year, then February has 29 days.

Is February 30 days?

No, there are 28 days in February except in a leap year when there are 29 days.

What year did Greenland except Christianity?


How many Sundays are there in February?

There are always 4 Sundays in February, except if it is a leap year and the 1st of February is a Sunday. In that case there are 5 Sundays.

28 days in february?

The month of February has 28 days except on Leap Year when it has 29 days.

February has 28 days except in leap year when it has?


What is the saying that tells the days in a month?

Thirty days have September, April June and November. You just have to know that every other month except February has 31. February has 28 except in a leap year, when it has 29.

Important things that happen in October of any year?

The Russians refer to the October Revolution of 1917: Except that it was in November !

Why important day 28 February?

February 28th is usually the last day of the month of February. Except when a leap year has arrived. Then it is the second to last day of the month.

What are all the positive integers that have precisely eleven divisors?

There are infinitely many of them, and so they cannot be listed. They will be of the form n10 where n is any positive integer. Except for n=1. There are infinitely more than these, too, for example any number which is the product of eleven different prime numbers.

Do you use a comma before except?

Yes, you can put a comma before except. Example of a comma before except in a sentence- She can do it, except that the mountain is too steep

What do September June April and November have in common?

Those four months have 30 days each. Except for February, the other months all have 31 days. February has 28 days, except in leap years when it has 29 days.

What is a non example of a cytoplasm?

A non example of a cytoplasm could be candy or anything else except for cytoplasm examples and cytoplasm.

What are the winter months in Salt Lake City?

Cold temperatures and snow are common in Salt Lake in October, November, December, January, February, and March. However, I have lived here for 23 years and seen snow storms in every month except July and August.

Does the length of day become longer or shorter as you move away from the equator?

Yes, it does. Which, precisely, depends on what season it is, and which direction you move. Except at either of the Equinoxes, when it doesn't.

How many months had 30 days in 2008?

4, April, June, September and November. === === 11 months, every one except February. Thanks for deleting my original answer, person above me.

Who has 28 Days?

The month of February has 28 days except during leap years.

How many days equal a month?

All months except February (28) have either 30 or 31 days in them. On a leap year, February has 29 days.

All of the following are example of associate's degree except?

Associate of occupational

What months have a total of 31 days?

All except February, April, June, September and November.

The offspring of some animles are just like adults except for size this is a example of what?

This is an example of sexual reprodution

How many months has 4 weeks?

Every month has 4 weeks. All except February always have a few "bonus days" as well. April, June, September and November have 30 days. January, March, May, July, August, October, December have 31 days. February has 28 days, then 29 days each leap year.