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yeah it was correct

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Q: Some researchers challenge findings based on use of the Strange Situation because?
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What are symptoms of lycanthropy?

Hostility towards dogs ( A need to challenge ). Strange Impulses

Does strange situation goes against learning theory?

No, strange or unfamiliar situations in fact foster learning for actions that were heretofore unneeded.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of strange situation?

StrengthsWeaknessesThe Strange Situation is a standardised procedure and has been repeated many times.The measurement of attachment is based on more then one behaviour e.g. several separations and reunions.Early identification of attachment problems could mean earlier intervention and the prevention of later problems.The Strange Situation lacks validity because it is a 'strange situation' to the child.There are cultural variations in child rearing techniques and this study was originally based on an American sample.Ethics!! Distressing for the child and caregiver.

In a relationship What is a snorp?

A strange word used to describe an otherwise indescribable situation.

How do you do the Totem of the Aztecs in Bin Weevils?

first you go into the room on the right and complete the challenge in the room then you go into the room that was on your left and complete that challenge the go in the middle room there may be a small challenge there and then you get a prize. ( the place is in the strange pipe near the ice cream machine at mulch island).

What is the positive connotation of strange?

A negative connotation that can be interpreted when calling something "strange" is that it is somehow inferior because it is not considered "normal." Depending on the situation, being strange can either be advantageous, or disadvantageous.

A competitive brother and sister who love to race were given strange racing challenge by their mother. Whichever horse '?

"Swap horses!" The answer is Switch Horses

Who can a strange visitor be?

A strange visitor could be someone unfamiliar or unexpected, such as a new neighbor, a lost traveler, or a salesperson. It's important to approach them with caution and assess the situation before interacting with them.

What is the strange situation paradigm?

It is one of the terminology used in psychology. It describes how adults or kids behave in a reunion ,a family or other's.

Why is this guy so obsessed with you and he is lying that he goes out with you?

Strange situation. Maybe to get un..obsess...ified? iff unobsessofied is even a word.

Will Miranda Cosgrove let you smell her feet?

Probably not. I'm sure it depends on the situation. Would be really strange and cool if she did.

How do you change from 32volt old wire to a light into 240 volt through a junction box?

You don't. This sounds like a strange situation. Get an electrician.