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Purchasing their way out of slavery.

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If slaves fought in the civil war did they get freedom?

---- ---- ---- ---- if they fought in the side on the union they gained their freedom

How many slaves were freed in the civil war?

It is estimated that 4 million slaves gained freedom as a result of the Union winning the American Civil War. The war was fought from 1861 to 1865.

Did the emancipation proclamation gave slaves their freedom?

Only the slaves that were in the Southern rebellion states.

How did slaves gained freedom form slavery?

the union defeated the confederate army

This proclamation gave freedom to southern slaves?

wat is the awnser

How did most slaves gain their freedom in 1850?

Most slaves gained their freedom in 1850 by self-purchase. After the slave had scraped by and earned enough to purchase their freedom, they searched for and purchased their own families.

What did America gain from civil war?

Well, for one, slaves in America gained their freedom

What was the meaning of the term of freedmen?

The term of "freedmen" referred to slaves who had gained their freedom from slavery.

How African slaves gained freedom?

Some slaves ran away and i think they forged papers to show they were free, some brought their freedom and some were just let free!

What happened to slaves when they gained their freedom?

They Joined the Civil War and Fought in the war to help Abraham Lincoln

What granted freedom to all the slaves in the southern states?

Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclaimation in 1863. This proclaimation granted freedom to slaves in all Confederate states. It did not, however free slaves in southern states under Union control. Slavery was completely abolished with the 13th Constitutional Amendment.

What did southern states pass which tried to limit the freedom of former slaves?

fugitive slave act

Why did southern states adopt black codes?

to limit the economic and physical freedom of former slaves

How did southern whites limit the freedom of former slaves?

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How did Southern slaves react to the Civil War?

Southern slaves fleed through the underground railroad into freedom in the North. Some reacted to the Civil War slaves fought on either side. On both sides they were still considered expendable.

What groupof people gained freedom through the American civil war?

The slaves. Slavery was abolished throughout the USA in 1865.

Which of these was a result of the Emancipation Proclamation?

The freedom of slaves in rebel states

How did slaves get their freedom?

The thirteenth amendment granted freedom to former slaves.

What led to the formation of many new churches especially in the southern back country?

The Slaves wanted freedom! YAY!

What was the main cause of the Civil War?


What is a sentence with black codes?

Black codes is a law passed by Southern States that limited the freedom of former slaves.

What was the name of the document that Abraham Lincoln that gave all slaves owned by southern states their freedom?

The Emancipation Proclaimation

Why were there more slaves in the southern colonies than in the MIddle colonies and new England?

There was more slaves in the southern colonies than in the Middle colonies and New England because they didn't think it was right to have slaves and they had mostly everything that they needed and could do it by themselves.REKLAWthe reasons why there were most slaves in the south than middle is because the southern economy ran on slavery,the souths depended on slavery to do the work which made them richer.the southern slaves had no freedom,but the north slaves could buy their way out of slavery and can only work on weekdays.

How were the slaves freedom denied?

The slaves' freedom was denied by the concept that slaves were property, not human beings, and all human beings are free, but not property, so slaves were denied freedom due to the concept that slaves were property, not people.

How did harriet Tubman play a major role in the freeingof slaves?

After she gained her freedom she went back and escorted 300 people on the Underground Railroad out of slavery.