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it can cause a fire if a house get knocked down and the electrical break a fire can start

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The adjustments of materials that follow a major earthquake often generate smaller earthquakes called

Most earthquakes are produced by the rapid release of which kind of energy stored in rock subjected to great forces

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Q: Sometimes earthquakes cause fire How?
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How is the ring of fire related to the earthquakes?

Earthquakes caused the ring of fire, the ring of fire is a ring of volcanos, the earthquakes cause to erupt.

What does the position of the moon cause?

Waves, sometimes earthquakes.

Is pollution considered an effect of earthquakes?

No. Earthquakes sometimes cause pollution, but pollution is not an effect of an earthquake.

Do earthquakes cause a tsunami?

Sometimes, but it needs to be close to or in the water and be strong.

Why is Japan having the most earthquakes and tsunamis?

cause Japan does sometimes

How do earthquake sometimes cause fire?

it can cause a fire if a house get knocked down and the electrical break a fire can start

What was the epicentre of the recent big tsunami in Japan?

Tsunamis do not have epicentres. Earthquakes do. Sometimes, as in the case of Japan, earthquakes cause tsunamis.

Can earthquakes cause fire?

yes. Generally caused by ruptured natural gas lines.

How do volcanoes cause earthquakes?

Before an eruption occurs molten rocks rise up into chambers near the surface, causing the ground surface to bulge slightly.This causes Mini-Earthquakes near the volcano. Sometimes volcanoes can cause earthquakes, but most of the time earthquakes are not cause by volcanoes..

Is a fire a secondary effect of earthquakes?

Fire is often, but not always a secondary effect of earthquakes. If the earthquake strikes a populated area, it is likely to break natural gas pipes, and to cause other damage in human structures that will result in fires. In an unpopulated region, an earthquake may not cause a fire.

Why do earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur in the ring of fire?

The volcanic eruptions are the cause of tectonic movement of the "plates" meaning that when the plates hit each other they cause the magma under the earth to rise and sometimes erupt causing ash and sometimes lava to leave the volcanic shell in an eruption

Can people be the cause of earthquakes?

no people can not be the cause of earthquakes...........

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